Yoga pose to get relief from back pain – Salamba Bhujangasana

Yoga pose to get relief from back pain – Salamba Bhujangasana

A good number of people in their old and middle age do suffer from back pain. Using conventional medicines might not provide respite to many. In such a case, it will be wise to perform yoga asana like the ‘Sphinx’ pose or ‘Salamba Bhujangasana’. This starting backbend yoga pose opens up your lower back, lungs and chest.

Steps to follow

  • First lie down on the floor with your face downwards and legs extended from behind and hip-width apart. Place chin on mat and arms by your sides. Press feet top into mat and then spread toes. Avoid tucking your toes, since it may crunch your spinal column.
  • Bring arms upwards, followed by resting your elbows under shoulders by keeping forearms parallel to one another on the floor, with directly forward pointing fingers.
  • Inhale and press forearms into floor. Then lift chest & head away from the floor and pres pubic bone onto the floor. Engage your legs strongly and roll outer thighs towards the floor slightly to lengthen lower back.
  • Place elbows tucked within sides and drop shoulder blades to your back while drawing chest forwards. Then towards heels, lengthen your tailbone.
  • Soften your eyes and face and draw chin towards your neck’s back part. Gaze between your eyebrows at the ‘3rd eye’.
  • Be in this position until 10 breaths and then release it. Now exhale while lowering down your head, chest and torso to the floor. Then keep your arms in relaxed position and turn head towards the side to take rest.


Beginners can benefit immensely from this pose. It firms your buttocks, strengthens your spine and lengthens your abdominal muscles. It also opens & stretches your shoulders, lungs and chest. It is provides relief to fatigue, soothes your nervous system and invigorates your body.


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