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About Us

I am Lavanya and Welcome to my blog zone day2dayreads. The blog spot is a multi-niche site spanning various daily life topics.  I am a blogger and YouTuber with a passion for delivering engaging content. I keep my readers up to date on parenting, technology, earning options, travel, health and nutrition, and many more amusing topics. Swipe across to get a deeper vision of day2dayreads.

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Work-from-home opportunities 


2023 is been a year of work-from-home.Day2dayreads will bring in easy work-from-home opportunities to you.  A compiled list of options is mentioned. Choose the one that suits you best.  A laptop and internet connection can bring you enough money to save for a short vacation. There are abundant opportunities spread across the world wide web. Check the blog to get the right choice of work.



Technology is constantly evolving. Mobile launched 2 years back is no more in the market. Pupation happens at every nanosecond in the internet era.  Irrespective of the demographic variation we are all connected via the technology. Learning new tech updates and adopting them is a part of our daily routine.



Travel gives knowledge by familiarizing with strangers and nature. Explore the beauty of nature, walk out and look for the sunrise and sunset. Thereby making your day lively. There are so many cultures, cuisines, and customs. Learn to appreciate and accept them all. Travel teaches life lessons. Enjoy! Explore! Travel!



Make baby steps to become a parent. A birth certificate cannot certify you as a parent. Giving birth is a part of the parenting journey learning new concepts and updating as a parent is a lifetime skill. Keep the kid within you alive to be a wonderful parent yourself. Day2dayreads have the best parenting tips. Make informed decisions in parenting. Nurture your kids with love and facts. A happy parent is the best parent.



Health and fitness have become the “IT” term for the millennials. Nowadays, no one goes to a gym to have a fit body to show off their muscle strength. It is being adopted as a lifestyle in itself. Irrespective of the gender or age, keeping body and mind healthy is necessary in the present-day crazy world where even a kid undergoes huge stress. It may be just a walk or heavy workout, you may spend lakhs or not even a penny, nothing matters, what really matters is how you keep your body and mind active.



Do you know nutrition is a science? It tells us about the food we eat and its relation to the effects on our body with respect to body health, growth, and maintenance. So, it’s very important to know what we are eating, what are its ingredients, how it will affect our body, and what will be the final result. In the fast-paced world, everyone is just concerned about keeping the stomach filled, without giving a thought to what is going on inside it. No one has time to know what each food represents. It is very important to know what each food does to our body.



Earning six figures comes with a big responsibility of managing the spending vs saving ratio.  Learning finance concepts make us understand the power of money. Knowing investment plans and interest ratio gives the wings to plan our retired life better. Luxury is a term executing it needs financial planning. Monetize your time and hard work in a best way to optimize your finance.



The automobile industry is a fast-growing industry with trillion dollars in revenue. Every year new model cars are found on the road. Way back in the 20th century cars came into markets and soon saw great evolutions in the engine type, seat variations, horn, exterior body, and whatnot. There are several major players across the globe within India the major car producers are Tata and Mahindra. Brands originating in various countries have their manufacturing units in India; Hyundai, Kia, Honda, and many more. The 2 and 4-wheeler market is shifting towards launching electric vehicles.



“Education is the passport to freedom” Oprah Winfrey. The scope of education spread from learning to read and write to learning social and life skills. In India education system is defined by different boards. The standard and syllabus are scheduled by the boards and followed by educational institutions. A good education must impart overall development in a child.

Did you know

“Known is a drop, unknown is an ocean” Avvaiyar

So never settle for less when it comes to knowledge. Changes keep happening day2day so stay tuned to read the latest updates on different walks of life.