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Latest trends

Technology is changing and new things are invented every second. Every person irrespective of the age or cadre should know the discoveries. The changing world comes up with so many new ideas which may be harmful or useful. It is best to know the changes so as to be adopt or avoid the consequences of the changing world.


Everyone says the world has become a smaller place. People are travelling to places which were never known to be even existing. Travel is not only a hobby or a fun vacation. It can be a life changing experience. There are so many cultures, cuisines and customs. One must travel places to make self discovery and an opportunity to understand and appreciate the nature in its various forms.


Parenting is not just a common term explaining the relation between a parent and a child. It is the birth of a parent who comes into existence the very moment a child is born. It is just not disciplining, teaching, feeding and taking care of children. It is much more than that. It is a learning process where the parent has to unlearn and learn from scratch. Because its new and cannot be taught by anyone. It has to be experienced to be a parent. The person may be working or full time at home, it should not demean the status of any ‘parent’. Each one have their own way of nurturing their kids.


Health and fitness has become the “IT” term for the millennials. Nowadays, no one goes to a gym to have a fit body to show off their muscle strength. It is being adopted as a lifestyle in itself. Irrespective of the gender or age, keeping body and mind healthy is necessary in the present day crazy world where even a kid undergoes huge stress. It may be just a walk or heavy workout, you may spend lakhs or not even a penny, nothing matters, what really matters is how you keep your body and mind active.


Do you know nutrition is a science? It tells us about the food we eat and its relation to the effects on our body with respect to body health, growth and maintenance. So its very important to know what we are eating, what are its ingredients, how it will effect our body and what will be the final result. In the fast paced world, everyone is just concerned about keeping the stomach filled, without giving a thought what is going inside it. No one has time to know what each food represents. It is very important to know what each food does to our body.


Finance is the study of money, which is one of the most essential items in our lives. No one can deny it. Everyone is after money in their life. They may claim as “well settled”, “status”, “personal satisfaction” or “luxury”. Whatever name you give it, the ultimate motive is money. But the sad part is most of our hard work is wasted as maintaining and saving the hard earned money is not known to many people. It is very important to take finance lessons to safeguard your future.


Our ancestors started moving from one place to another with rafts in water, later invented wheels out of stones, and then developed wheels out of wood. This development over the years have made us the reach the present scenario, where automobile is a part and parcel of our lives. Be it a two year toddler to a 70 year old person. No one can deny the fact that a cycle, or a two wheeler or a four wheeler, or any other vehicle is not a part of their lives. 


The word illiteracy may be considered a forgotten word in this world. Each one is literate in his own way. May be it is home tutoring, play schools, local schools or international colleges. Education is everywhere. Education is learning and acquisition of knowledge. It can be in any field. It enhances the personality, attitude, thinking and overall development of an individual.

Do you know

What you know in this world is just a percentile. What new and unknown things filled in this world is infinite. There are new things being born out of nature, invented by humans or happenings around you which changes every second. Some may be of use and some may not interest you. But it is always important to know new things.