Carbs aren’t as bad as they are sought to be-Demystifying myths on carb diets

Carbs aren’t as bad as they are sought to be-Demystifying myths on carb diets

Carbs are macro-nutrients built around starch, glucose, and other natural sugar complexes. They have three macro-nutrients, two proteins, and one fat. The body uses it as an energy source. The complex carbohydrate of soft drinks to apples is very similar, but they differ in energy benefits and how the body uses it for energy sources. The primary use of carbs is to fuel our bodies.

Carbs are of two types: processed or manufactured and natural or plant-based. Carbohydrates are present in soda and sweet potato. Soda carbs are absorbed much faster and give more insulin response than carbs in sweet potato, which is absorbed slowly by the body. The amount of carbohydrates absorbed by the body is approximately 30-40 tablespoons. If you want to have approximately equal amounts of carbs that are present in soda. You have to eat approx 4-5 apples. You can overdose on carbohydrates or calories easily by having highly processed drinks and foods.

You just have to figure out which foods have a normal amount of carbs in them. The normal amount of carbs contained in food are veggies, fruits, beans, and grain bread or pasta which contains phytochemicals, fibers, and micro-nutrients which is good for a healthy diet. High calorie and carbs will lead to obesity, weight gain, and cardiac diseases. High sugar diets would lead to high cholesterol. Low carbs diet can also affect your body as they lack micronutrients and fiber. Low carbs diets include meat and fats which lead to energy health problems. The right amount of carbs for daily intake would be 40-60% calorie food.

Carbohydrate diet has three categories:-

1) Sugar – They are sweet, chained carbohydrates mainly found in foods. Some of the examples are fructose, glucose, sucrose, and galactose.

2) Starch – They are elongated chains of glucose molecules that break down to normal glucose in the digestive tract.

3) Fiber – Usually humans can’t digest fiber, but the microorganisms (bacteria) in the digestive tract can use them. As you know fiber is essential for good health. Fiber is exceptional, as it doesn’t fuel the body directly but feeds the friendly bacteria in the digestive tract. These microorganisms can produce fatty acids which can be used by cells for energy.

Numerous researches on high fiber carbs which include veggies, fruits, grains, and legumes which will improve health and lowers the risk of some cardiovascular and many more diseases.



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