Yoga pose to get glowing skin – Sarvanga

Yoga pose to get glowing skin –  Sarvanga

How you maintain your skin reflects your personality. If you desire to have glowing skin, then you can practice ‘Sarvangasana’ or the Shoulder Stand pose. In Sanskrit, ‘Sarvanga’ stands for ‘entire body’. However, as per expert advice, you need to practice this posture initially in parts. After some weeks of training, you can complete the pose.

Steps to follow

  • First lie on the mat with hands places besides your body and feet together. Take deep breath, relax your body & calm your mind before doing this pose.
  • Exhale & raise your legs higher together. With your body create a right angle. Keep body above hip-joint on ground and knees straight.
  • Raise arms still exhaling, hold waist and push your body farther as much as possible. Place body weight on your arms. With legs thrown upwards, rest on your elbows.
  • Secure firmly in this position and with careful manipulation, shift your hands towards the waist slowly and extend fingers to hip bones back part. Thumbs should be lightly pressed on your navel’s both sides.
  • Keep chin in jugular notch. Then place full weight on your back of head, neck and shoulders and hold for 4 seconds, still exhaling, but max for 2 minutes. Breathe natural, rhythmic and normal.
  • Inhale & get back to original position by bending your knees slowly and lower down hips towards the mat with supported hands.
  • From your back, release hands and be in starting position.
  • Relax by taking deep breathes.


Besides offering glowing skin, this yoga pose can also help to get relief from indigestion, constipation, giddiness, headache, functional disorders related to the eye, throat, nose and year and increase blood interchange to your upper body parts. Your brain also experiences increased blood flow.



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