Paleo diet and weight loss: Eating like a caveman

Paleo diet and weight loss: Eating like a caveman
  • Paleo diet is a dietary plan which is mainly based on foods that are very similar to what had been eaten during the Paleolithic era; caveman diet in other terms.
  • It mainly includes fish, meats, vegetables, fruits, and nuts – foods that were available by gathering and hunting. Paleo meals generally contain high-fiber and high-proteins which usually promise you in losing weight without restricting calories.
  • Goal of a paleo diet is to bring back the eating habits which were done by humans in the paleolithic era. The diet followed by people nowadays is mismatched genetically and is known by the idea of the discordance hypothesis. The advocates of the paleo diet usually avoid diets that are followed in modern days which are fully processed.
  • To maintain a proper Paleo diet one has to avoid all the processed foods. Avoiding all dairy products, grains, and sugar will directly lead to weight loss.
  • Eating foods rich in proteins and fiber and green veggies will make you feel better and will have a good control on blood sugar levels which will automatically lead to weight loss.

Seven days plan of Paleo diet:-

First day

  • On the first day, the person should have breakfast which would be beneficial as apples, banana, avocado, and some more fruits.
  • In lunch, they should have salads with fried seeds with an olive oil coating.
  • For dinner, roasted chicken with some onions, carrots.

Second day

  • For breakfast, eggs with spinach, grilled tomatoes, and some seeds.
  • In lunch, salads.
  • For dinner, fried broccoli, and baked salmon.

Third day

  • For breakfast, some fruits and almonds.
  • In lunch, salad with a coating of olive oil and boiled eggs.
  • For dinner, stir fried beef with peppers.

Fourth day

  • For breakfast, fried broccoli in coconut oil and some seeds.
  • In lunch, mixed veggies salad with a boiled egg.
  • For dinner, steamed broccoli and baked chicken.

Fifth day

  • For breakfast, some berries and spinach juice.
  • In lunch, omelet and mixed salad.
  • For dinner, salmon stir-fried and broccoli.

Sixth day

  • For breakfast, fried tomatoes in olive oil, and eggs.
  • In lunch, chicken soup with mixed veggies
  • In dinner, spiced red cabbage and lamb chops


  • For breakfast, tomato, spring onions, an omelet of mushroom.
  • For lunch, mixed salad with avocado seeds and Olive oil.
  • For dinner, stew beef with mixed veggies.

Final Words on Paleo diet and Weight Loss

  • Eating a caveman diet has various benefits like reducing the risk of many diseases of heart, blood pressure problems, weight loss, reduction of inflammation, lowered acne, and promotion of good health and athletic performance. If you belong to the paleo club, it’s possibly the best you’re doing for your body to help cut down some ungracious fat!


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