Weight loss tips for women who just had a baby

Weight loss tips for women who just had a baby

Usually, women gain 25-35 pounds after the pregnancy. Doctors recommend that it wouldn’t take much time or a couple of months for them to come back to their original weight or their pre-pregnancy size.

Every mother is willing to look like their pre-pregnancy weight just after delivering the baby. You usually see that your favorite celebrity has given birth to a baby and has lost weight in a month only. But is their diet very good for their body? No, because they follow a very strict nutrition plan and they do it when their body isn’t ready for all the extra pressure exerted on it.

The foremost thing for the newbie mother is to have patience with their body and don’t worry about weight loss. Since pregnancy weight is gained in nine months so it will take some time to get back to normal weight.

Few tips to lose weight after pregnancy:-

  1. Crash dieting is harsh

Crash diets include low-calorie diets which usually aim to lose very much weight in a few days.

However, after delivering the baby, the body needs the best nutrition to heal the body. According to the CDC, if the woman is breastfeeding they need more calories. Low-calorie diets usually lack nutrients and make you feel tired.

  1. Breastfeeding

All health care organizations recommend breastfeeding for the first six months of the baby as it provides nutrition to the baby which is needed for growth and to support the baby’s immune system.

It also supports lowering the procure weight.

It also contains very important antibodies that fight bacteria and viruses and decreases the risk of infants getting asthma, type 1 diabetes, obesity, and sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS).

3.Monitor the calorie intake

Monitoring calorie intake will help you know how much to work out daily, subsequently then decide on the weight loss required.

4.Drinking a good amount of water

Drinking water will keep the body hydrated and is important for mothers to lose weight. According to research, choosing 20 ounces of water against any sweet beverage could save 240 calories intake. The famous 8×8 rule is good which will help with weight loss and keep the body hydrated.

  1. A good amount of sleep

It’s a tough trip as the baby wants their mother in front of them. But lacking sleep would also retain the weight after pregnancy and will not help in weight loss.

6.Eating foods containing high fiber

Its good to have foods with high fiber which will help to lose weight. According to research, an increase of 4 grams of fiber over normal food will help in weight loss.


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