Yoga pose for Athletes – Eka Pada Rajakapotasna

Yoga pose for Athletes – Eka Pada Rajakapotasna

As an athlete, it is important for you to strengthen the different parts of your body and increase your stamina level. Whatever be the type of game you indulge in professionally or casually, without proper exercise, you will only risk injuring your body parts and also get tired very fast. Doing yoga like the Pigeon pose or ‘Eka Pada Rajakapotasna’ will help you to strengthen, lengthen and stretch your muscles. It is a forward bend, hip opener pose and is better performed by intermediate practitioners.

Steps to follow

Downward facing dog is a simple approach to doing this yoga pose and you need to do the following:

  • Bring right leg into down dog split.
  • Then bend right knee and move it forwards like stepping within a lunge. Bring right knee to floor on your right hand’s outside portion. Right shin might angle back to left hip or parallel to your mat front, depending upon motion range followed.
  • Release left knee to mat, keeping it flat on floor. Left foot should point straight back, while looking backwards.
  • Square hip to mat front.
  • Take padding under your hip’s right side to enjoy comfortable pose.
  • Once stability is derived, bring torso downwards to bend forwards over right leg.
  • Keep weight balanced on both sides equally and hips in square position.
  • Square hips and breathe any tightness felt.
  • Bring hands in sync with hips and come back up.
  • To release, curl left toes within and step backwards into this yoga pose.
  • Repeat this pose on other side.


This yoga pose works as forward bend and hip opener, stretching psoas, piriformis, back, groins and thigh region. Leg extended on the rear derives psoas stretch including other hip flexors. The outer hip & rotators are also stretched. Sitting for extended periods is considered to be a good antidote as it prepares you to be in backbends and seated positions.


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