Yoga pose for better posture – Dhanurasana

Yoga pose for better posture – Dhanurasana

It is important for every person to have the right posture to avoid future back pain and other related ailments. To ensure better posture, you should practice yoga like ‘Dhanurasana’ also known as the Bow Pose. This yoga exercise can help to derive relief to anxiety and stress, only if you perform it correctly.

Steps to follow

  • First, with feet slightly apart, lie down parallel to hips & on your stomach, keeping your arms besides your body.
  • Fold knees up slowly and with your hands hold your ankles.
  • Breathe in. Pull your legs upwards, stretch it and pull away your chest from the ground. You need to feel this stretch on your thighs & arms.
  • Be in this pose for about 12-15 seconds and concentrate on your deep, long breathes.
  • Then bring your legs and chest slowly to the ground and release ankles. Now with hands on both sides, relax and repeat several sets.


To enjoy different types of health benefits offered by this pose, you need to practice it regularly. Few benefits are given below:

  • Performing it stretches your leg, arms, shoulder & neck muscles, thereby lengthening those particular areas.
  • While practicing Dhanurasana pose, your spinal column gets stretched, while your spinal nerves experience improved blood circulation.
  • Those suffering from breathing or chest ailments such as asthma will find this exercise to be a wonderful therapy. This is because, it helps to expand the chest area as well as enhances the lungs’ breathing ability.

You need to make this yoga pose an essential part of your daily exercise regime. When compared to other yoga asana, it is also quite easy to perform and require less concentration. Although it may appear to be simple, it is indeed quite effective to stretch your body. It also stimulates different body functions.


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