Yoga pose for Reduce tension

Yoga pose for Reduce tension

Are you stressed out and feel tensed always? Then why not try Shavasana also known as corpse yoga pose for Reduce tension. Here, shava in Sanskrit means corpse and asana is pose.

How to do this pose?

  • Lie on your back on the floor and be comfortable without using any cushion or pillow.
  • Close your eyes.
  • Keep legs comfortably apart. Relax your legs completely and place toes facing sidewards.
  • Arms should be placed slightly apart besides your body, with upward facing open palms.
  • Draw your attention towards every body part, starting with your toes. Breathe deeply and slowly while undertaking this activity, thus making your body to relax completely. Avoid falling asleep during this procedure.
  • Deep, slow breathing will allow complete relaxation. Your body gets energized when breathing in, and calms down while breathing out. Focus on your body & yourself and stop worrying about other tasks.
  • Once your body feels refreshed and relaxed in 10-12 minutes roll to your other side with eyes closed. Be in this position for about a minute.
  • Take deep breath and gain proper awareness of the surroundings, prior to opening up your eyes.

Benefits derived

  • Your body relaxes and gets into a deep and comfortable meditative state, allowing repairing of your tissues and cells, thus releasing stress.
  • It rejuvenates & replenishes your body and is better practiced to complete an intense workout.
  • By calming your body, you experience drop in blood pressure and relaxation of your heart, thus controlling anxiety and panic attacks.
  • Doing this pose also helps you to focus better and enjoy improved concentration. You can also focus on every part of your body.
  • This pose is also an amazing one to derive instant energy safely. A 10 minute break will provide your body with the much needed energy boost, which in turn increases your overall productivity.

You can indeed experienced reduced anxiety attacks and be free from tension doing this pose.


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