Yoga pose for gas trouble – Apanasana

Yoga pose for gas trouble – Apanasana

If you are suffering from gastric problems and not getting relief from conventional medicines, then you should practice ‘Apanasana’ regularly. It is also known as knees to chest or wind relieving pose. This relaxing supine asana is generally performed as the final pose to complete the yoga sequence. In Sanskrit, Apana means ‘downward moving life force’. This posture does help to move downward the toxins and eliminates it completely.

To do this pose, you need to lie on your back and draw gently your knees towards your chest. Then inhale and release slightly your knees away from chest region and exhale. You need to do it easily on your lower back. You can move your knees in circles or rock side-to-side to release tension from your lower back.

Steps to follow

First lie on the ground on your back. Keep palms on knees and pull your legs while exhaling gently towards your chest. Move legs using your thighs strength instead of using arms for pulling them. Loosen your grip while inhaling and move your legs away from the tummy region. This should be performed at own pace, but with few breathes. Your movement should be guided by your breathe. Be for sometime in this position with closed eyes and relaxed mind. Once you feel relaxed and calm, lower your legs slowly to the floor.


  • Helps stabilize and stretch your lower back and pelvis region, while reducing significantly pain in your lower back.
  • Helps with hyperlordosis, muscle guarding, sciatic nerve impingement, spinal stenosis, muscle spasm and disc herniation.
  • Reduces high blood pressure, anxiety, excitement and anger.
  • It provides relief backache and beats constipation.

You should practice this pose if you suffer from various types of stomach disorder and to get relief from gas, indigestion, constipation, acidity and bloating.


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