Yoga pose for beginners- Tadasana

Yoga pose for beginners- Tadasana

Yoga is very good for health and should be practiced regularly, by men, women and children. It is very much beneficial if you do it for a long time and correctly. But do understand that not all yoga poses can be done by beginners. If you are starting for the first time, then perform something easier that puts less stress on your body. There are different yoga postures for beginners to start with. But it will be wise to practice under the supervision of an expert. You can perform ‘Tadasana’ or Mountain pose, which is stated to be ‘mother of all asanas’. It is rather the base from where all types of poses emerge from. Tada means ‘Mountain’.

Steps to follow

  • Stand barefoot on ground with feet & legs joined together. Bend knees slightly and loosen your joints by straightening them.
  • To avoid unwanted distractions, focus on a specific spot before you. It is referred to as drishti and boosts mental awareness.
  • Lengthen tailbone. Imagine energy line passing through the body.
  • Firm thigh muscles, turning them inwards slightly, while lifting knee cap. Avoid hardening your lower belly. But do strengthen your ankles’ inner muscles when lifting them.
  • Lift chest out & up. Then push back your shoulder blades and widen your collarbones.
  • Do lengthen your neck & raise your head, while taking deep breathes. When inhaling, you should feel it travelling through the toes, stomach and the head and while exhaling, you should feel it in reverse direction within.
  • Raise toes gently, while breathing in and balance yourself on your heels. Then stretch chest, arms and shoulders upwards and maintain your bodyweight on your toes. From head to feet, feel stretching in your body. Hold for around 5-10 seconds and exhale gently.

Repeat it 2-3 times and increase duration gradually. Once you have good practice, take four steps backwards & forwards while standing on toes to improve grace & elegance when walking.


  • It enhances your body balance and rectifies your posture by increasing your spinal column agility.
  • It boosts flexibility of your joints, thighs and ankles.
  • It tones your abdomen and hips. You can also gain effective control over all your muscular movements.
  • During formative years, regular practice can help increase your height.
  • It also regulates your digestive and respiratory functions and strengthens the nervous system.

You should start practicing different yoga poses immediately to boost your immunity level.


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