Yoga pose for constipation – Ardha Matsyendrasana

Yoga pose for constipation – Ardha Matsyendrasana

If you are suffering from frequent constipation problems, then you can practice few yoga poses to eliminate this issue. One such yoga pose is the ‘Ardha Matsyendrasana’ or Half Spinal Twist. In Sanskrit language, Ardha means half and Matsyendra means fish king. It has derived its name after a well known yogi Mastyendranath.

Steps to follow

  • Sit with stretched out erect legs and keep spine completely erect and feet placed together.
  • Bend left leg making your left foot’s heel to be near right hip. You may also stretch your left leg and be in this position.
  • Keep right leg over knee close to left knee.
  • Twist shoulders, neck and waist towards your right and gaze over right shoulder. Your spine should be in erect position.
  • Your arms can be kept in various ways to reduce and increase the stretch. A simple, but effective way will be to keep your right hand just behind your back, with left hand on your right knee.
  • Be in this pose for around 30-60 seconds and breathe deeply and slowly.
  • Release your right hand while exhaling and then chest, waist and finally your neck. Sit straight and relax.
  • On another side, repeat these steps exhale and get back to front.


  • It stretches your muscle on a particular part of body and on another side, compresses your muscles.
  • It flexes further your spine, tones it & boosts spinal cord functions.
  • It cures slipped disc.
  • It provides relief to back pain and stiffness between vertebrae.
  • It regulates secretion of bile and adrenalin.
  • It stimulates and massages the pancreas and is beneficial for those having diabetes.
  • Twisting your body does help to massage your abdominal organs. This in turn boosts digestive juices, while improving digestive system functioning.
  • It also regulates bile & adrenalin secretion.

Therefore, practicing this yoga pose can help you to have a clear digestive system.


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