Easy yoga pose for stress relief

Easy yoga pose for stress relief

If you are always stressed out due to increasing pressure at work or home, then you can perform Child’s yoga pose to get de-stressed. This pose is also referred to as Balasana and is considered to be a beginner’s pose. Here, Bala in Sanskrit means child, while asana stands for pose.

How to do this pose?

  • Start with your knees & hands. Center your breath. Slow down your thoughts and focus on inward awareness.
  • Next spread knees wide apart and place big toes together and rest buttocks on heels.
  • Lengthen your spine and sit straight through head crown.
  • Bow forwards when exhaling and drape torso between things. Rest your chest & heart on top or between your thighs. Touch floor with your forehead.
  • Extend your arms, with palms facing downwards. Then use hands to press slightly back and touch buttocks with heels.
  • Lengthen from hips to armpits. Try extending further through fingertips.
  • Bring arms to rest besides thighs with palms facing upwards to enjoy in-depth relaxation. Relax your elbows and broaden your upper back. Relax and soften lower back.
  • Eliminate tensions in your neck, arms and shoulders.
  • Close your eyes and gaze inwards.
  • Breathe softly and hold for a minute or so.
  • Use hands to release from the pose and walk torso upright. Sit back on heels.

Benefits derived

It helps you to stretch your hips, ankles and thighs and also reduce fatigue and stress. Your front body muscles get gently relaxed, while back torso muscles stretches passively and softly. This Easy yoga pose for stress relief does help to soothe and calm your brain, and being a therapeutic posture offers immense stress relief. Performing it with torso & head support, you can get relief from neck & back pain.


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