5 interesting ways to stay focused & motivated during lockdown period

5 interesting ways to stay focused & motivated during lockdown period

This lockdown due to the spread of Covid-19 has compelled everyone to stay indoors and experience isolation, so as to stay safe and protect their families and pets. But staying in isolation for a long time does challenge our mental health. Human beings are born to be social and love to move around and be with friends and family. So, staying alone for days together, without going outside is likely to cause depression and even demotivate the person completely. Fortunately, there are few ways by which you can stay motivated all the time, without having to get engaged constantly with social media platforms or technology.

5 effective ways to stay motivated

  • Watch Netflix or movies that you have earned to watch for a long time now. There are several movies in various languages that you can get to watch these days on Netflix, local Set top box or online. During normal days, it was quite natural for you to be busy with your office and household work. But with lockdown in vogue and plenty of free time in hand, you can watch these films and series.
  • Limit news consumption: There are several news channels in various languages that operate round the clock providing fresh news about Covid-19 & other happenings in the world. But with the current situation being quite grim and deadly, with thousands of people dying every day, watching such news can be really depressing. You do need to take a break and watch something positive. Either you change your channels to something like music, comedy, romance, drama, etc. or switch off the TV set altogether to indulge in something else. Bad news is likely to be found stressful and also harmful to your mental health. Avoid it as much as possible.
  • Start new hobby: This is perhaps the best time to pursue a hobby that you had always wanted to or learn something new which will boost your income & career opportunities at work. You can learn a new instrument, language or get online training to stay motivated. New skills will definitely help you to be more happy, confident and satisfied.
  • Daily workout: Health experts recommend people of all ages to exercise regularly to boost body immunity. According to reports, it is the elderly, those suffering from medical conditions and suffering from lack of immunity are the ones who are affected the most by Covid-19 virus. Hence, regular exercise, yoga and meditation can help you and your family to stay mentally and physically fit and also to beat this dangerous disease. Your mood will also enjoy getting a good boost and you are likely to gain immense confidence.
  • Keep in touch with family/friends: It is important to stay social throughout the lockdown period. Besides the above, you need to be in constant contact with your family members and friends. They are definitely important in your life and need to know about your health, just like you want to know about theirs. Contacting them will keep you in good spirits and also help you to stay motivated.

Practicing the above methods will help you to be in good mental condition to tackle issues that crop up with lockdown.


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