Conducting online classes during lockdown

Conducting online classes during lockdown

What is Covid induced new normal?

Covid 19 has started spreading across the globe invariable of age, gender, and other demographics people are getting affected. The symptoms start with mild fever, and cough and might escalate up to shortness of breath. This rapidly spreading virus has affected and led to severe health complications. Though education is the most important skill for life everything comes only after health. Taking care of health is most important now. Hence government has announced a complete lockdown. Thereby closing all the schools, colleges, and office campuses. But life has to move on we need to adapt to Covid induced new normal. Online classes are the next best alternative.

How is Covid induced new normal online classes going to be effective?

With the Google and Smartphone era, everything is possible online: Shopping, food delivery, grocery, and vegetable purchase all are possible sitting at home. Now it’s time to accept Covid induced new normal online classes also as our routine. Yes, this does have disadvantages, but the continued lockdown scenario might affect the education system otherwise.

What is online class?

Accepting the Covid induced new normal Online classes is the first step for continual education. Schools and colleges cannot open right now in the given Covid19 spread and lockdown. But the annual syllabus needs to be covered therefore the best option is to take the classes online using the available technology.

Let us look into the various broadcast mediums available for online classes WhatsApp, Zoom (, GoogleMeet (, WebXMeeting ( and Gmail. Several chat forums are also available. Teachers have to get themselves updated on using the technology and gadgets. Which will enable them to teach the students to handle them and get benefited with the tech advancements.

Steps to follow for Covid induced new normal Online classes

  1. First step is to inform the student about the chosen online medium of instruction.
  2. According to the medium of instruction collect students mail id or mobile number and create appropriate groups.
  3. Check devices such as computers, wifi provider, headphones. Make sure the students group also has all in right place.
  4. Having a UPS is an additional plus for teachers in case of unplanned power cuts.
  5. Educate all the students about the usage with some trail classes to avoid unwanted panic to teachers, students, as well as parents.
  6. Clearly send the scheduled syllabus via broadcast mediums like WhastApp and Email.
  7. This will make hassel free and give proper guidelines to plan. All three sectors included in the section parents, students, and teachers will be happy and tension free.
  8. Reherse well before starting the session online maybe connect with your friends and family and run a trail session to gain confidence.
  9. Learn how to solve server error issues or other related online hacks.
  10. To divulge the workload you can ask students to prepare assignments in small topics and present to the class.
  11. Make the class a good discussion platform to keep the students engaged.
  12. Accept disturbances as this a new normal for everyone.

Do not follow these rules for Covid induced new normal Online classes

  • Don’t panic or overload students with tough topics. Go slow and steady
  • Don’t be too strict as in an offline class this is a Covid induced new normal online classes which takes time for students to adapt
  • Don’t rush with syllabus make small portions in short duration classes.

Following the above will allow you & your students to enjoy online classes.


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