Yoga pose for kids – Vrikshasana

Yoga pose for kids – Vrikshasana

Not only adults, even children are recommended to practice different types of yoga from a very small age. This helps them to be in good physical & mental health. You can practice ‘Vrikshasana’ yoga along with your son or daughter, as it is safe, quick & also easy. It also means ‘Tree pose’, where ‘Vriksha’ stands for ‘tree’.


  • Stand erect on your feet with arms to your side.
  • Bend right knee slightly and place right foot on left thigh, a bit high. Your sole should be placed flat and firm on your thigh root.
  • Keep your left leg completely erect. On obtaining this position, breathe deeply and keep your balance.
  • Raise your arms gently over your head while inhaling and bring it together like in ‘Namaste’ pose.
  • Hold your gaze at a spot that is at a distance as it can help maintain perfect balance.
  • Keep spinal column straight. Keep your body taut and elastic and take deep breaths. Each time you exhale, do relax your body.
  • Bring your hands gently from the sides. Then release your right leg.
  • Get back to original position, where you stood straight & tall. Now, with your left leg, repeat this pose to complete the pose.


  • It improves sleep quality.
  • Reduces chronic pain like muscle pain.
  • Improves aerobic capacity, strength and body balance.
  • Helps children to improve their self-regulation skills, mood & resilience.
  • Enhances life quality by providing emotional balance, as yoga is considered to be an amazing and fulfilling non-competitive activity.
  • Works effectively on your child’s academic performance, focus and classroom behaviour.
  • Reduces release of various stress hormones such as cortisone, thus reducing fatigue, anxiety & stress.

Practicing yoga for a long time and combining it with pranayama, asanas and meditation helps improve memory, endocrine functions and reduces body weight.


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