Travel light with these tips

Travel light with these tips

Perhaps you love to travel at a short notice and simply can’t imagine life without exploring new destinations spread across the world. But travelling can become a hassle at times, due to the large and heavy bags and baggage that you need to carry along to have a comfortable and cozy travel. But experienced travelers are of the opinion that you can pack right and light and move around without actually having to compromise on your convenience and comfort.

Useful tips to pack and travel light

Whether it is a weekend escape, family vacation or business trip, you can definitely have a wonderful time by following the given below tips. 

  • Use a good and reliable packing app: If you love to prepare lists for your travel, then packing apps can prove to be quite useful to lighten the journey. It can help you to pack right type of essential items, especially if you are on a complicated trip such as the business trip, with plans to hit the beach and the gym. Several packing apps can be found at the play store these days. Simply providing your gender, trip description, destination and length of stay can help narrow down things. Further filtering like taking children and family along, trip abroad, beach or camping holidays, etc. can help come up with a packing list that will make it easier to pack correctly. 
  • Share the suitcase: In case, travelling with the partner, then share a checked bag, rather than bringing own. Both can take turns to carry the bag and combine items like toothpaste, hairdryer, shampoo, etc. for common use. This can help you to travel light.
  • Avoid making payments of checked bag: During booking process, avoiding additional payment for that already checked bag can help pack less automatically. With very less space available, you are likely to pack only basic items required throughout the trip. 
  • Wear appropriate travel clothes: Purchase special travel vest or jacket, if the plan is to travel light. There are travel jackets that come with inflatable neck pillow, inbuilt eye mask and other useful items such as travel blanket, bottle opener and stylus/pen. This will help avoid packing these items. Carrying along a jacket and vest ensures not having to pack additional clothing. 
  • Pack cubes: Organizing the items to be carried into sections does allow you to have a better view of the number of items to be brought along. Cubes can help avoid taking excess of any item. They also compress items and organize space in a much better way, especially if the plan is to carry a backpack. 
  • Roll & Fold: This is something that many may not agree upon. However, if the desire is to save some valuable space as well as to prevent wrinkled clothing, then rolling can be wonderful choice, especially for lightweight scarves, dresses, shorts, skirts, denims and shirts. Even bulky items like jackets, trousers and sweaters can be folded. 
  • Take along your Kindle: There are many who are passionate about books and love to read different types of books to pass time during the long journey. But carrying books will mean occupying lots of space and also making the bag bulky. To travel light, you can invest in modern gadgets like the Kindle that does allow saving ample space and also reduce weight significantly. You can enjoy reading ebooks without feeling bored and also download new ones if you prefer so. 
  • Compression bags: These are just ideal if the plan is to visit any cold destination. Bulkier items such as sweaters or coats can be packed in clear bags, vacuumed and then have the air rolled out, thereby shrinking down the items. But, using them is likely to have unintended effect, compelling you to pack much more as there is available more space. You should be wary as it may lead to carrying overweight bag. If bags are preferred for the travel, then avoid using those extra spaces which you have managed to create with wise and correct packing efforts. Rather, leave alone that extra space and simply enjoy carrying your lightweight bag. For the return trip, do ensure to have some tips to compress the bag. 
  • Light shoes: When travelling, put on your heaviest shoes and also ensure that they are multi-occasion. Pack pairs to double up, similar to the comfortable flat sandals that can be worn during the day. For the evening, dress up with something fancier. The heaviest and largest items to pack are perhaps the shoes. Hence, select cautiously the one that you want to wear.
  • Backpack: The most humble way according to the travel experts to pack and travel lighter is to use a backpack. Overtaking the bag will only mean facing lots of trouble and feeling immense pain when carrying them. Having a backpack will mean, you will want to pack only those items which are very much essential for the travel and nothing more. Taking along stylish sandals and cute jacket will not be worth the effort or back pain to be borne. 
  • Carry a scarf: It travelling to cold places, then it will be wise to carry along a scarf that will protect your neck and offer warmth to it. They can be beach towels, travel blankets, sarongs, picnic blankets, capes, belts, head wraps, privacy curtains. In case, you do not own a bag, then you may even carry some items in them. Even if the season is not meant for scarf, do carry one along. This way, you can avoid packing a sarong, picnic blanket or beach towel. 
  • Use travel size containers: Although checking a bag, investing in small travel size bottle set will help to use them for carrying favorite beverage, instead of having to carry full size onboard. Prior to travelling, do check them thoroughly to ensure that they do not leak. Few items like conditioner bars and solid shampoo may help to save on weight and space. 

The above tips when adhered to can help you to travel lighter, feel fresh all the time and enjoy your trip thoroughly.


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