Best Road Trips in India after Lockdown

Best Road Trips in India after Lockdown

Long road trips to distant places are real fun & enthralling. If you love riding your bike for longer distances, you should plan your road trips anywhere in the country with friends, after lockdown. But you need to do some research & find out which routes will suit your travel preferences & assures safety.

Top Indian road trips to enjoy after lockdown

  • Delhi-Ladakh: This road trip is the dream destination for every biker, as it is adventurous & rewarding. You can pass through the megacity & the concrete jungle, endless farmlands. The scenery changes as you come across the mountains and move through several hairpin bends & turns. Two routes exist from Delhi. You can take one while going & the other to return to the origin & derive wonderful experience. If possible, do visit Pangong Tso area.
  • Golden Triangle: If you want to have an overdose of amazing culture & history, then this tour is what you need to plan immediately. It covers three historically beautiful cities, namely, Agra, Jaipur & Delhi. You can visit forts, check out folk performances, vibrant markets & have delicious food.
  • Ahmedabad to Kutch: One culturally & geographically incredible to visit in India is Rann of Kutch. The road trip here is of visual amazement & solitude. The biggest highlight here is its white, vast, salt flats. If lucky, you may come across the Indian wolf that is a protected species. The best time to ride is on a full moon night as the moonlight illuminated salt marsh will appear to be magical.
  • Bengaluru to Coorg: Coorg is also known as Kodagu and is a summer getaway in the Western Ghats. It is located in Karnataka and can provide you with a wonderful break from city life. You can check out the serene hilly country & lush jungles filled with endemic wildlife. You will experience a drop in temperature as you enter Western Ghats.
  • Madurai to Rameshwaram: It is undoubtedly an unusual road trip as you can drive across the great Indian Ocean! You can ride over the world famous, 2 km long Pamban Bridge and have a view of the beautiful unending ocean. On reaching Rameshwaram, do visit Dhanushkodi, an abandoned town said to be destroyed in 1964 by a tsunami. The ruins here are sure to leave you awestruck.

The above are some of the road trips that you can enjoy in the country.


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