Best trekking spots in India

Best trekking spots in India

The Indian subcontinent has always been a paradise for nature, wildlife, photograph and adventure sports enthusiasts. There are numerous trekking routes in the Himalayas located at great heights that do attract experienced and amateur trekkers to come here and try at least once in their lifetime. With the unique blend of culture and nature, trekking routes in India are undoubtedly worth the effort, try and money. There are available popular guided treks, based upon the trekker numbers. The type of trek that you wish to undertake is determined by your own personal preferences. The trek spots here do vary with regards to duration, difficulty, religion, cultural elements and remoteness. It is based upon your budget and such factors that you can take a well informed decision to choose the most appropriate trek spot for your trekking expedition.

Top 6 trekking spots in India
  • Frozen River Zanskar Trek, Chadar, Ladakh: This trek takes you along the frozen river Zanskar and is known for its beautiful winter terrain. You can get to witness Ladakh’s ancient culture. Experienced trekkers are sure to find the journey thrilling and exciting. Bone-chilly winds, icy routes and pristine nature will definitely offer you with lifetime experience. Maximum altitude is 3,390m and the best time for trekking is January to February.
  • Markha Valley Trek, Ladakh: This is another popular trekking spot in Ladakh. You can come across different types of terrains lie streams, dry mountains, small villages with beautiful mustard, barley and wheat fields. This region does boast about ancient Tibetan culture and houses numerous age old Buddhist monasteries. Its maximum altitude is 5,150m and best season to trek is Mid-June to Mid-October. 
  • Gangotri Gomukh Trek, Uttarakhand: The journey starts in Uttarakhand’s Garhwal region and moves towards Gomukh, where you to get see the Gangotri Glacier, source of river Ganges. The region is indeed a natural delight and features diverse animals and plants, including the rare Nilgai (blue mountain goat). The glacier is enclosed with beautiful mountains in all its sides and the sight is really mythical and majestic. Its maximum altitude is 4,463m and the best season to visit is between May-June & August to Mid-October. 
  • Nanda Devi Trek: Nanda Devi is Garhwal region’s highest peak and the national park here houses unique and diverse Himalayan flora & fauna. You will trek along several glaciers, streams and small rivers and the Himalayan foothills. This region does attract mystics, trekkers and photographers in huge numbers to visit every year, due to its pristine natural beauty. Its maximum altitude is 4,150m & the best season to visit is May to June and September to October.
  • Kuari Tapovan Trek: This trek takes you through the beautiful and enchanting Garhwal region allowing you to move in the shadows of 7000+ peaks. You can come across the rare Himalayan fauna like the musk deer and snow leopard. Kuari pass at a height of 4264m, is one the trek’s charming highlight. It is easy and provides you with some knowledge on local Hindu culture. Best time to visit is between April & June and September and November.

The above are few of the top trekking spots that you can trek with great enthusiasm and satisfaction.


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