What are the best travel destinations outside India?

What are the best travel destinations outside India?

Nowadays, many people in India prefer traveling to foreign countries for taking a short-break from hectic lifestyle. However, they concern about the costs because planning a trip to some countries may become an expensive one. The process of organizing a trip to a foreign nation involves several challenges and one should get ideas from various sources. In addition, it allows a person to make a better decision while organizing a trip. There are various international destinations that allow tourists to spend a vacation with their family and others to witness complete excitement.

Here are some the best international travel destinations meant for those who want to enjoy their trip accordingly. 

  1. Bangkok, Thailand


Bangkok, the capital city of Thailand offers many attractions for visitors enabling them to witness complete excitement. The destination is a popular one for its amazing architectural buildings, temples, museums, palaces, and other things. Chao Phraya River is a major attraction in Thailand and visitors can rent a boat or cruise for making a perfect ride. Wat Arun which lies on the western bank of the river is home to five towers. Lumpini Park is the largest one in Bangkok and tourists can visit the park for relaxing their mind from various problems. 


  1. Bali, Indonesia


Bali in Indonesia is a popular tourist attraction which covers attractive beaches and other things. Kuta is a famous town in Bali that is well-known for its sandy beaches. It is an ideal one for those who want to perform sub bathing, surfing, and other activities. Tanah Lot Temple is another attraction to visit in Bali because it sits on a gigantic jagged rock that rises out of the ocean. Kintamani located about 40-miles north of Kuta is a volcano and a large lake site which provides an array of adventures for visitors. Nusa Dua located on the eastern side of the Bukit Peninsula is well-known for its golf-courses, luxury resorts, and spas. One can even reach the place from Kuta by taxi. 


  1. Dubai, UAE


Dubai in UAE covers a wide range of things for tourists enabling them to witness more excitement. It is a famous one for shopping malls, theme parks, and other things allowing visitors to make a memorable trip. The Dubai Museum is a must-see attraction because it enables tourists to know more about the culture and other details. Another thing is that the museum has the Al Fahidi Fort an oldest building in Dubai. The Wild Wadi Waterpark is a perfect one for those who want to enjoy water rides and play areas. Burj Khalifa is the tallest building in the world located 2,722 feet above sea level. It has 163 floors and visitors can reach 124th floor allowing them to have breath taking views. Special telescopes are available for accessing the scenes of the city from different angles.


  1. Malacca, Malaysia 



Malacca is the most important part located in the Peninsular Malaysia which has a varied history influenced by the Portuguese. It also has a mix of Malay and Chinese influences due to large Chinese community. There are some things to do in Malacca allowing visitors to ensure a pleasant trip. Cheng Hoon Teng Chinese Temple is the oldest temple in Malacca which is well-known for its architectural styles. Taming Sari revolving tower is another site to visit in Malacca because it allows tourists to have top taking views over the city. It takes around 7 minutes to reach the top of the tower. It soars up to a height of 110 meters letting visitors to have panoramic views of the city.


  1. Male, Maldives 


Male is the capital city of Maldives which covers outstanding beaches. The town has a grid pattern enabling visitors to plan their trip accordingly. The Grand Friday Mosque is the largest one in Male that can accommodate 5000 people at one time. Furthermore, interiors in the mosque are well-built with intricate woodworks and Arabic Calligraphy. Hulhu is an island in the Maldives allowing visitors to spend a night before catching a flight. Whale submarine in Male allows tourists to travel underwater for 45 minutes to explore a variety of marine species. There are many restaurants which offer delicious foods to visitors enabling them to ensure a fine dining experience. 



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