Things to know to enjoy your Kenya holidays

Things to know to enjoy your Kenya holidays

You may love to travel with your family to far and near places and different countries.  But you seek Safari and hiking opportunities combined with incredible landscapes, then Kenya is the best place to be.

What should you know before travelling to Kenya

There are a few things that you should keep in mind while planning to travel to Kenya.

  • Safety: Kenya for a long time has been safe tourist destination for international travelers. But still you need to maintain precaution while travelling to this beautiful country. There are incidents of terrorists attack in some parts of the country. So stick to the primary route chalked out by the government and agents for visiting popular tourist attractions.
  • Friendly people: People of this country are quite friendly towards foreign tourists and are welcoming in nature. You can get to know more from the natives who will be more than cooperative to provide you with valuable information.
  • Road security: Since the country is suffering from terrorism and ethnic tensions, security across the country has been beefed up. This is more so in public places like airports and city malls. The security staffs in charge scan all bags at the airport to make sure that no one is carrying any illegal stuff. Follow all rules and regulations as stated by your travel agent and you are sure to enjoy your travel.
  • Train to Mombasa: You have the option to fly to Mombasa from Nairobi or avail a train. Previously, train journey to Mombasa city took approximately 14 hours. However, with up-gradations made by Kenyan Railways, you can enjoy the high-speed version and reach quickly. Do remember to book your tickets much in advance to avoid the rush.
  • Visa: There is wide range of visas offered to visit Kenya. You can choose East Africa visa since it permits travelers to derive multi-country access. It is also affordable when compared to applying for separate visas to visit other African nations like Rwanda and Uganda. You can apply online for your visa or ask your agent. Online application will mean you do not have to waste your precious time on arriving at the airport.
  • Choose budget airlines: To travel to other cities in the country like Mombasa, you can select budget airlines for your travel. They are efficient, quick, cheap, safe and affordable.

Being aware of the above-given tips can help you to enjoy your travel to Kenya.


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