Top 10 weird pets that you can own

Top 10 weird pets that you can own

Weird pet choices to own for pet parents

There are many who just love to have pets at their home like cats, dogs, etc. But some find petting unusual, weird, or exotic pets to be quite interesting. There are indeed thousands of wild animals across the globe. But taming wild animals like the Bengal Tiger does require you to have the right finances, temperament, home, time, dedication, and training. There are a few weird pets that you are allowed to own these days. But do remember that owning a pet can involve lots of dedication, sincerity, and indeed responsibility. Rather, it can be termed a full-time job.

Top ten weird pets to own

  1. Capybara

This rodent is nothing compared to a hamster or guinea pig. It grows to about 4’ long, weighing around 100+ pounds. However, they require very high maintenance, with plenty of room, pool or pond.


  1. Fennec Fox

Usually, majority of the foxes present do not make good pets. But Fennec fox is something different and great to own. This desert animal is cute looking and smaller than cats as well as smart. Being playful, they require plenty of exercise and safe.


  1. Hedgehog

They are extremely friendly although they have dangerous spines in them. They do get affectionate with owners, require low maintenance, and are calm. But they expect lots of attention, when small. Being nocturnal, you need to be wary of its requirements.


  1. Miniature Donkey

It is fuzzy & cute. You need to buy a minimum of two of them for the company as they do not like loneliness. They are small, weighing about 300 lbs & 3’ tall. They do require plenty of room to move about.


  1. Spotted Genet

They African animals are independent, strung & active in nature. They appear like a cross between raccoon, cat, and ferret. They are skittish and prefer to be the only pets at home.


  1. Skunk

Removing their scent glands does make them excellent pet, but will require extreme care as they cannot survive without the glands in the wild without care. They are easy to maintain, adorable, playful, and stay entertained by getting engaged with different toys.


  1. Sugar gliders

They are also called pocket pets and are tiny, cuddly creatures providing joy to their owners. They are extremely loyal, and playful and taught different interesting tricks. This exotic pet can be owned by singles and families having older children. However, one should remember they are nocturnal cretures.


  1. Pygmy goat

They are extremely fun, and active and do require high maintenance. Although small in size, at times, they can be quite noisy and don’t stand loneliness. They should be provided with plenty of leaves, grass hay, and space and build sturdy structures.


  1. Boa Constrictors

They are much friendlier when compared to other snakes. They are safe and amazing. But their size can be a problem as they grow quite large and hence require lots of space.


  1. Tarantula

They are giant spiders and are better kept in tanks. Curly hair, and Mexican red knee tarantulas consume live insects and can be terrifying as well as fascinating.


Before buying one, it will be useful to find out if you really want one in your home and can take good care of it all the time.

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