Top 10 cat breeds that can be kept as pets

Top 10 cat breeds that can be kept as pets

Do you wish to become a cat parent? Confused about which cat breed to pet. This article can help you learn the different cat breeds, their behavior, and basic characteristics. Read further to know the top 10 cat breeds that can be kept as pets.

Different Cat breeds that can be bred as pets

Cats are considered to be either purebred or domestic. Purebred cats have a lineage history, something not possessed by domestic cats. There are several breeds of cats that are kept as pets by people across the globe. Probably, these breeds may have gained popularity as pets due to their appearance in some movies. Their physical or unique appearances along with personality traits are what make them wonderful pets.

Top ten cat breeds as pets

  1. Persian cats

Persian cats have long, beautiful-looking fur coats and are found in a variety of colors. Mostly, appearing in commercials, art, movies, and homes for years. However, their coats require regular grooming to avoid matting. They are also known as ‘smushed face’ cats.


  1. Siamese cats

Siamese cats origin tracks Thailand, previously called Siam. They come with unique markings referred to as ‘points’, considered to be coloration areas on their feet, tails, ears, and faces.


  1. Maine Coon cats

It is popular for its thick fur coats and large stature and hence, difficult to ignore. It is also Maine’s (U.S.A) state official cat and is considered to be a gentle giant. Moreover, they are fabulous hunters. Some have additional toes. This trait is known as polydactylism, where the large feet help to hunt in snow.


  1. Bengal cats

They have markings on their body giving out a wild appearance, but are typical domesticated cats, requiring plenty of exercise and being talkative. They have derived their name from the taxonomic name of the Asian leopard cat, ‘Prionailurus bengalensis’.


  1. Ragdoll cats

This cat got its name for their docile temperament. When picked up, they appear to go limp like a rag doll. They are similar in appearance to the long-haired Siamese cats with pointed colour patterns, unique dog-like personalities and blue eyes.


  1. Birman cats

They are colour-pointed cats, and have medium-long coats and blue eyes, but no undercoat. When compared to ragdolls, they have different personalities and markings.


  1. Abyssinian cats

They originated in Ethiopia, called earlier as Abyssinia. This breed has a unique orange/red agouti coat. Its agouti fur means having bands of light, with dark colouring on individual hair pieces, thereby providing that unique look. Besides being ruddy, they are also found in blue, fawn, and cinnamon colours.


  1. Himalayan cats

They are similar to that of Persian cats. They were said to be bred from crossing Siamese & Persians to achieve unique colour points. However, they are available in colour point patterns, which can be diverse colours.


  1. Sphynx

This cat breed is one that does not shed. They have a unique look because of their lack of fur and are termed to be socially active and have dog-like felines.


  1. Devon Rex

They have slender bodies, short and wavy hair coats, soft fur, and very large ears. Moreover, this breed is termed to be a highly active and playful cat, described at times as ‘monkey in catsuit’.


Making a responsible and well-educated decision can help you to select the best cat breed to keep as pets for your home.

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