Are cats human foes?

Are cats human foes?

Breaking the Common Cat Myths

We have already read about dogs. Now let’s dive in about cats. In general, there is a hypermyth about cats. All are not true. Although dogs are considered loyal and cats are not, cats aren’t caring, and so on. But the true picture is quite different. Dogs and cats are behaviorally different hence we as humans have to interpret them differently too. This article breaks the common cat myths for you.

The bigger picture of cat myths

Cat myth 1

Dogs are loyal cats aren’t

The reality is cats are not as social as dogs. They find peach in being aloof. Still, they love their owner. Cats bond strongly with their human company too. Their introverted nature makes them less expressive that’s the actual story.

Cat myth 2

Cats don’t care about their owner but rather for food

This myth was broken by Dr. Vitale’s research. Cats play and interact with people around they so sense their master’s happy and sad moments. They do cuddle to express their mood to their human companion. Cats are sensitive to human emotions and remember human names too. Cats build a relationship with their owners too.

A deeper view into cat’s life

Now that we have broken the common myths let’s take a closer look at a cat. A cat sees the owner as a source of security and comfort. Cats do love their owners. They have 2 types of attachment: a secure and an insecure attachment. The secure attachment refers to their caretaker looking after their needs and making them feel comfortable. The insecure attachment is about the fear of their caretaker and anxiety.

Cat body language

Cat communicates through their body language. There are a few signs they show in for an insecure attachment. They are : twitching their tails, and licking their lips. These 2 common signs indicate they are feeling insecure with the humans around them.

Cat vocalization

Cats vocalize via their purr sound. This means they wish to communicate their emotion. Purr is made via rattling of the vocal cords. Kittens purr while hungry to call their mommies for nursing.

Other reasons to purr

  • During sickness
  • Seeking attention
  • Communicating happiness
  • To heal broken bones


While cats seem introverted and love loneliness. It also loves human company. Undoubtedly, Cats express less than dogs. Still, cats do bond well with their owners.

Hope this article has broken the common cat myths and given you a deeper picture of cat behaviour. Become a cat parent and be loved by your kitty.





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