Top 10 dog breeds that can be kept as pets

Top 10 dog breeds that can be kept as pets

Dog breeds to keep as pets

Do you love dogs? Are you aware of the diverse dog breeds? If you want a dog breed that suits you then this article is a must-read. This article lists the dog breeds to keep as pets.

Top ten dog breeds as pets

  1. German Shepherd Dog

German Shepherd is the most hardworking and intelligent one as well as the favorite pet of any true dog lover. It is also courageous and versatile. The dog is trained to help people suffering from disabilities, the military, the police, etc.


  1. Labrador Retriever

Labrador is a  popular dog breeds  across the globe. The reason is that it is fun-loving, smart, and also family-friendly. Their gentle disposition and desire to please is what makes them excel as a search & rescue as well as guide dog.


  1. Bulldog

With regard to popularity, it is among the fastest-developing breeds. They are lovable, fun-loving, and calm and make excellent companions. They prefer to relax and stay at home most of the time and require fewer exercises.


  1. Golden Retriever

This is a family-friendly pet and an athletic breed with a fabulous demeanor. They love to play and run around and are hot favorites among children. Being skilled workers, they act as amazing search & rescue dogs, guide dogs, and hunting companions.


  1. French Bulldog

They have mixed demeanors and love to play and run around. At times, they simply lie down, relax, and be adored. Undoubtedly, they seek a lot of  human attention and hence, do not prefer to be alone at any point in time.


  1. Beagle

They have low maintenance, short coats, and are conveniently sized. Moreover, they are also cheerful and peaceful dogs. But they like to go out and do some exercise every day to keep themselves fit and in good shape. A Fenced-in yard will be quite an ideal setting to have for such pets. With great curiosity, they love exploring and hence, a wonderful hunting breed.


  1. Poodles

They can be commonly noticed in dog shows and have elegant forms. This breed has a charming look & great personality. They can be trained easily, smart, love to have fun, and eager to please.


  1. Yorkshire Terrier

Referred to as ‘Yorkies’, they are a small breed and popular as pets. They have a small stature and are extremely devoted, thus being the perfect choice for owners residing in small apartments and condos. At times, they can be feisty and are highly energetic and brave.


  1. Boxer

They love to play and exhibit limitless energy. At times, they are headstrong, but extremely loyal and excellent with children. this breed is courageous and alert.


  1. Rottweiler

Rottweilers are powerful hefty looking dogs. Although they have a gigantic stature, they are easy to train. Rottweilers are hardworking and intelligent with a well built body.



Hence, having detailed information can help you to choose the best breed that you can keep as pet at your home.

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