Positive Parenting

Positive Parenting

Parenthood is a lifetime journey. From the day a baby is born till the last breadth of the parent, learning and updating continue. Looking for the best parenting guide read this. This post deals only with positive parenting.

What is positive parenting?

Positive parenting is not always laughing and having fun with kids. It has a bigger picture to deal with. Let us look at it in detail. Read further to get a deeper understanding.

Positive parenting emphasizes establishing strong parent-child bonds and creating mutual respect. Undoubtedly, this leads to a confident child who can achieve big in life. Success in terms of wealth, health, and mental strength is achievable with self-confidence and emotional control. Children must grow to learn to manage emotions which needs a lot of parental support in the initial years.

  1. Addressing emotions

Children go through various phases in life. This involves different emotions like happy, sad, traumatic, success, failure, rejection and fear. Parents should educate their child in a positive way about how to handle them on a daily basis.

  1. Effective communication

Communication starts with day 1 of a baby’s life. From the moment a baby is born we try to establish communication with him/her. When baby cries we ask them questions like if he needs food and we answer them all by ourselves. Though we know baby cannot answer we communicate with them.

The main objective behind this pattern is that involving child in our social life. We  try to reassure the child that I am here to address your needs. From this early stage communication plays an effective role. Communicate with your children and allow them to speak back when they are comfortable. Parents must remember to give the space for their child to speak out about their issues and discuss a solution to the problem. Even from the early days, it is good to ask the child to suggest a solution for their problem and then intervene in the solution.

  1. Eliminating perfectionist attitude

I feel the word perfect is an illusion. No one can stay perfect every time. So, its ok if the child makes a mistake. Children learn from mistakes. Address the mistakes and do not be harsh on them. Though this may sound like a lengthy process this will be effective over the long term.

  1. Handling peer pressure

Peer pressure is common for both parents and kids. Parents tend to get struck in a competitive web due to their peers. Every parent is different so as their children. Hence understand the child’s capacity. Then make plans for their life.


Children get stuck in fantasy peer pressure due to their immature group of friends. They may lose their self-confidence due to socioeconomic status, body shaming, and bullying. Now. parents must make the child realize their self-worth and travel towards their goals.

  1. Patience is the key to positive parenting

Every child is unique. Each child learns their life differently. As a parent, we must keep on educating the child and wait until they get a hold over life. If we panic and start yelling at them during the journey, they may feel lost and embarrassed. Instead, we must accept the reality and go with their pace.


Positive parenting is about making effective communication with the child. Paying attention to their tantrums and behavioral changes. Address their physical and hormonal changes and last but not least accept the reality.

Love, teach, and learn from your children and make an amazing family.




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