A complete guide to parenting

A complete guide to parenting

Parenting is a mix of art, science, love, and care. It is not always easy to handle a child be it an infant, toddler, or teen. Each stage of parenting comes with its own set of challenges. Educate yourself to become the best parent.

As a parent we may love to see our kids stuffed with many skills, preparing them for society and making them capable to earn enough. Though this may sound so simple is a job involving great precision. Parents should act as a teacher, mentors, and emotional coaches to their dear darlings. Both parents and kids should act in coordination for the betterment of the child.

Effective parenting is to understand the child well and make a strength and weakness analysis of the kid and work on developing it. Majorly, without putting pressure on them. This undoubtedly brings out the inner potential of the child taking them a level higher toward success.

This article describes the success mantras for a successful parent. Follow them with all your heart thereby you can educate yourself to become the best parent.

1. Develop Empathy

None of us are perfect we have our own flaws and we learn from our mistakes. We should remember this as a parent too. Kids learn by making mistakes so understand things from their perspective and age. A toddler has a different mental makeup than a teen. Parents should learn to understand these differences and handle children accordingly. Avoid blaming or guilt-tripping a child when they make a mistake. Discuss the next step rather than analysing the previous mistakes.

2. Give your Time

Time is the best gift for someone you love and care to strengthen the bond. Plan and schedule some quality family time daily. Play, walk and read together with the child. Reading books together shall improve vocabulary, enhance knowledge sharing, prospective sharing and more than all loads and loads of love sharing too. If you are looking for the best books for your kids read this page.

Finally, end the day on a peaceful note of love. This will boost their confidence. Help them with their studies, whenever they need you.

3. Appreciate them

Compliments are the best gift to any child. Appreciate your toddler when they walk. Appreciate your teen when they do well in studies. This will boost their confidence. Especially, as a teen, they will have several doubts about their looks and body. Appreciate their looks, and teach them to have a fit and healthy body. When you work with them, they will feel you as a companion. Create cherished moments with your loved ones.

4.Be a Role Model

As said above work along with your kids. When they see you doing regular exercise, being organized and well planned, they learn it themselves. Your success with inspiring them. Parents are the first influencer to them. In this social media world, there are high chance that a popular figure becomes their role model. Which could impact both positive or negative ways. So equip yourself to become their inspiration. Not alone kids but parents also have to educate themselves to become the best parents.

5.Make kids Self-Sustainable

A best leader will develop leaders and not slaves. Develop the skills of self-reliance and independence in kids. Even at a young age, they can learn to arrange their toys, books, and dress in their respective cupboards. Kids should understand parents are only their guides. But life is their choice and hence learn to make proper decision making. Most importantly involve kids in household chores. This teaches them basic survival and organizing skills.

6. Teach them Family Values

Kids should understand family is their biggest support. A happy family creates a happy society. Learn to engage effectively with kids. Play, read, take them out, pray together, learn new skills together. All this creates a team spirit in them. Meaningful family rituals create an opportunity for you to educate yourself to become the best parent.  Together you make a team and each person in the team is responsible for the team’s success.

7.Provide structure and safety

Set your own rules for your kid’s safety. Teach them good touch bad touch and other possible threats they could face. Teach them the world outside has both positives and negatives they must face  it all. Simulating them with real life challenges is a best way to practically teach them.

8.Develop Healthy Food Habits

Eating healthy and eating mindful is a life long effective habit. This has to be inculcated to kids as early as possible. They must be aware of the benefits of each food they eat. Maintaining a proper gut health is necessary for good physical and mental health.

9.Be Positive

Kids love an affirmation from the parent and family. When they get a proper recognition within family they feel safe to face outside world. Show positive gestures to them as and when necessary.

Learning all this makes a better family and hence a better society. Parenting is a lifelong journey. Therefore, always educate yourself to become the best parent.

Happy parenting!


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