3 books for young children to read during lockdown

3 books for young children to read during lockdown

Avoiding books have introduced kids to more gadget usage at a very young age. Though tech gadgets are good to learn they are very addictive. Introduce kids to books to avoid screen time during the Covid lockdown. This blog speaks about the importance of books to kids.

Why read books for kids?

Books are always a great source of knowledge, fun, and companionship for all ages. Especially kids who have a burning thirst for knowledge needs books to keep them engaged. Books enhance the habit of reading, and vocabulary improvement thereby enhancing language improvement.

Advantages of reading books

Books open up a new world to kids. Introducing books to young kids have several advantages

  • Kids become better communicators
  • Kids don’t feel alone as always, they have a book to read
  • Reading enhances concentration
  • Improves mental health
  • Kids will learn to empathize with people
  • Undoubtedly, stories improve creativity to a great extent in kids.

How to choose best books for your kids?

Fortunately, there are authors who write books for kids of all ages. You can find books for kids in different categories. Also, it will be useful to understand the taste and moods of your child and carry out thorough research, so as to find a book that he/she will love reading. Select the best books to avoid screen time during the Covid lockdown for your kids. Teach kids to read by themselves and gain better language control. I have suggested few best books kids books

3 interesting books to avoid screen time during the Covid lockdown for young children

  • Red Tree

    In the magical style of Sean Tan, this picture book has less text and filled with beautiful, lush landscapes. Young reader  lose himself/herself in the pages which are evocative of wonder, loss and yearning and full of intense emotion.  They can express their opinion page by page on the provided space.

  • Comet in Moominland

    This book by Tove Jansson is about a family that tries to escape an approaching comet and on the way, happen to meet several interesting characters. Moomins are much beloved and are considered to be eccentric hippo-type people. They are quite accommodative with regards to their differences. Most characters can be found to have their own little ways. With word play, fun filled languages and characters’ attitudes, child is declared the hero. Drawing a Moomin is not hard and endless opportunities are presented for drama. Children as young as 2s & 3s can read it by themselves and may require some support from parents for those tricky bits.

  • Mousehole Cat

    Antonia Barber has set the story on the Cornish coast. The hero of the story is a  cat, who is the savior of the threatened community. A beautifully written prose with engaging illustrations by Nicola Bayley. The characters seem to inspire affection quite easily. The book empowers readers touching upon emotions like sacrifice and scarcity.

Checkout the books online and gift a happy and safe reading joy to your kids.

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Red Tree

Comet in Moominland

Mousehole Cat


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