Best online shopping sites

Best online shopping sites

The advent of online shopping portals only has increase the craze among shoppers to buy their favorite items from the comfort of their home. The truth is that online shopping has been growing at a tremendous pace and its popularity and demand is only sky rocketing with time. There are several sites that have minted millions by providing quality products and services to shoppers located at nooks and corners across the globe. Some even have managed to grow up to become a regional or even global magnate. There are various reasons cited for online shopping portals to become popular within a less time period. 

The web is indeed a wonderful source for information seekers and shoppers alike, who are eager to expand their existing available purchasing options. With reputed and well established online portals offering huge discounts and deals, shopping online is also stated to be a wonderful way to save good amount of money. The fact is that online stores are quite competitive and have actually on the verge to overtake brick and mortar shops, with regards to volume of customers relying them for making a purchase. Industry experts are of the strong opinion that within few years, the online market will only spread further, compelling brick and mortar stores to look at this option for survival and success. 

The advent of price comparison sites also allow the shoppers to find interesting and lucrative deals. It also guides shoppers of all types to those online stores that have earned reputation and goodwill over time. By providing superior quality products at discounted rates, the shoppers are also able to go through the reviews posted by other reviews, thus allowing them to undertake well researched decision and gain from the purchase made. 

Top online shopping portals

If you are eager to join this bandwagon and interested buy products for yourself, your family or someone you know, then it becomes essential to know the trending shopping portals that are reliable and safe. You can check out the top portals based upon their engagement and traffic. There are few sites that have made it to the top on the global chart and are 100% reliable.

  • This portal has been launched way back in 1996 and has successfully been operating for over 23 years now. It is popularly referred to as go-to online retailer, where you can get just about anything, ranging from clothes, shoes, furniture, food, toys, books including household items. Prime membership can be availed at recurring fee to derive 2 day free shipping on majority of the purchases. Also is provided the feature to stream movies, music and other media, etc. 
  • Since the portal’s launch in 1996, it has been outdoing newspaper classifieds. It is rather termed to be an online newspaper classified version, where list postings can be found to be made by region and community and absolutely free of cost. It is undoubtedly the best resource to sell or buy used items locally. 
  • Launched in 1998, this company can be termed to be an ecommerce platform, where people have the liberty to sell and purchase used and new items. Price Match Guarantee offered by the company currently does ensure that its customers can avail the very best prices and interesting deals on majority of the items sold. 
  • This portal got started in 2005 with an objective to provide craftspeople, artists and creators of different types of platform for selling their creations to online clients with great ease and make money. Currently, it is among the top online destinations for those eager to buy vintage wares, handmade items and one of a kind gifts. 
  • It was way back in 1962 that the first Walmart had been inaugurated. This retail giant right from the beginning had determined to provide products and services at very low price possible. This philosophy was only carried forwards by launching its online version in 2000 with exclusively for U.S. clients. 
  • In 1979 was launched its very first store and then in 2000 was introduced As on 2018, it is still found to be the biggest home improvement retailer operating in the U.S., boasting of having over 2,200 stores across the globe. It is possible for customers to order just about everything ranging from major appliances to small items online for delivery, including in-store pickup. 
  • In 2010, this portal was introduced by a software engineer employed previously with Google. Since then, it has managed to move ahead quite fast and enjoys sizeable expansion in online shopping world. This portal along with its popular app does feature whole lot of products offered by Chinese manufacturers directly at unimaginable cheap rates. To derive customized shopping experience, you need to register with the site and log in and then browse through the different categories present. 
  • It is also called ‘Tar-zhay’ affectionately right from the time of its launch in 1962. It was in 1999 that was launched to cater to online clients. It has introduced Cartwheel, considered to be developed with Facebook and is a mobile phone based digital coupon app. It has also managed to win awards for the mobile app. 
  • This portal has been launched in 2009 and is part of Alibaba Group. Its objective is to provide assistance to small Chinese entrepreneurs, manufacturers and exporters to sell their wares across the globe. The company does not identify itself as online store, but perceives as a viable online platform to help connect both consumers and buyers together. It offers varieties of goods, ranging from wholesale clothing to electronics, to supplies meant for the garden and home. 
  • This company was launched as audio specialty store during the 1960s. It broadened in 1983 and provided huge varieties of electronics and got renamed as Best Buy. In 1998 was launched that got revamped in 2004 for extending its offerings. This electronics chain is popular for offering different types of appliances and products, while its Geek Squad offers repair services for various types of electronics and computers. 

The above are few of the portals that have managed to stay at the top of the customer’s minds by providing quality items at affordable rates.


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