Obesity – Bad Effects and How to Deal With It

Obesity – Bad Effects and How to Deal With It

Today, obesity is a common problem faced by people of all ages. Lack of proper exercise, poor and unhealthy eating habits may contribute to excess body fat build-up and cause this problem. Numerous physical and mental issues accompany obesity. Here is a list of few ill-effects of the problem and advice on how to deal with it.

Physical conditions as a result of Obesity:

HBP: Obesity promotes the production of Angiotensinogen, which is known to elevate blood pressure in a person. The body of an obese person excretes more sodium and water which affects the functioning of the kidneys, thereby impacting the blood pressure. Maintain a strict exercise schedule to overcome obesity, which will gradually regulate the blood pressure levels in your body.

Stroke: Obesity causes excess inflammation in the body due to the fatty tissues present, this hinders the blood flow thereby increasing the risk of strokes in a person. Include superfoods that have anti-inflammation properties like Garlic, Bilberry, etc. Stick to a balanced diet chart and watch what you eat.

Cholestrol: Obesity causes an increase in the lipid component in the blood which eventually causes atherosclerosis. The high cholesterol causes fat accumulation in the branch vessels which may eventually block the arteries and increase risk of cardiac arrests. To overcome this problem, be watchful of what you consume. A balanced diet and an exercise plan will help you overcome this issue.

Mental conditions due to Obesity

Anxiety: Anxiety is a common reaction to peer pressure that affects obese people when in the company of friends or society. General disability is a prominent issue in obese people. It is difficult to perform simple tasks such as running or being flexible like others, which eventually causes anxiety in an obese person. Attending counselling for anxiety management and practising yoga may be helpful in dealing with anxiety.

Depression: Depression is a common problem faced by obese people. The peer pressure in the social circle that the person moves about causes anxiety issues which may eventually culminate into depression. Meditation and relaxation techniques help calm one’s anxiety and overcome the negativity that contributes to depression.

Low Self Esteem, and Lowered Self Confidence: Obesity causes one to feel inferior to the rest, and hence lower one’s self-esteem. This may gradually affect the self-confidence of a person and develop substance abuse or depression in the long run. Meditation and Yoga are the best practises overcoming this problem.


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