Best malls in the world

Best malls in the world

There are many who argue that online shopping is booming and malls are only a dying breed. But the emergence of malls catering to the different segments of buyers across the globe is stunning. Although, it might require the shopper to take out some precious time and to go a bit far to visit the nearest mall, there are indeed plenty of stores at a given place. Moreover, almost everything can be found under a single roof. Walking around and getting to hold the products can be quite an amazing feeling. During vacations and holiday seasons, something magical can be felt about the malls, enjoying the crowd, busy stores and lots of products and huge discounts offered! These are few things that cannot be seen online! Those who are passionate for shopping can have their debit or credit cards ready and shop for jewellery, clothes, bags or shoes.

Leading malls of the world

  • Berjaya Times Square, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia: This mall has a floor area of 7.5 million sq. ft., with 65 eateries, 1,000+ shops and varieties of entertainment options including Cosmo’s World, biggest indoor theme park of Asia and first IMAX 3D & 2D theatre of Malaysia.
  • Central World, Bangkok, Thailand: It is considered to be Thailand’s largest shopping mall and is larger than life. It boasts of having boutiques, brand name fashion, gadget stores, designer furniture, bookshops, including imported food, beauty salons, banks, dining options, salons and ice skating rink.
  • Cevahir, Istanbul, Turkey: It is Europe’s largest shopping centre covering an area of 3.47 million sq. ft., at Istanbul’s Sisli District, Buyukdere Avenue. It has 48 restaurants and 343 shops within the premises of 6 floors. There are held events on centre’s stage. Also are present a bowling hall, 12 cinemas and small roller coaster.
  • West Edmonton Mall, Alberta, Canada: It is North America’s largest shopping centre and boasts of 800+ stores. It features World Waterpark, Galaxyland, adventure golf, ice palace and others. There are also 2 hotels within the premises, besides 100 dining locations.
  • Dubai Mall, Dubai, UAE: It is a sprawling mall and is quite easy for shoppers to be lost in. This mall covers a total area of about 12 million sq. ft., which is equivalent to 50+ soccer fields. When total area is concerned, it is also stated to be the world’s largest shopping mall. There is an ice rink, 1,200 shops, SEGA game centre, 120 restaurants/cafes and 22 cinema screens. It also has the world’s largest indoor aquarium and is considered to be Burj Khalifa’s gateway, stated to be the world’s tallest building. Also is present an indoor aquarium which is the world’s largest and also Burj Khalifa’s gateway.
  • SM Asia Mall, Manila, Philippines: It is a very big mall, such that there operates a tram for shuttling shoppers across its four buildings. Also is present an IMAX theatre which boasts of having the biggest 3D screens of the world. The mall covers an area of 406,962 sq.m. and 2,000 people are said to pass through its doors on a regular basis. Also is present an ice skating rink of Olympic size.
  • Morocco Mall, Casablanca, Morocco: Its floor space covers an area of 200,000+ sq. m. and the mall is located on Morocco’s Western coast in Casablanca. There is a 1,000,000L aquarium containing 40 exciting species of fishes, providing opportunity to visitors to enjoy scuba diving in it.
  • King of Prussia Mall, Pennsylvania, USA: It is United States’ largest shopping mall covering 3 million sq. ft. and established in 1963. There are two distinct buildings that are connected. 22 million visitors come here annually lured by big brands like Bloomingdales, Macy’s and Nordstrom, including numerous luxury retailers.

Getting to know the world’s best malls can help shoppers to have a great time.


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