5 most happening Disneyland in the world

5 most happening Disneyland in the world

It is the dream of almost every child and grownups who have viewed Disney cartoons to visit Disneyland at least once in their lifetime. Visiting Disneyland with the children is not only fun filled and exciting, but also a dream come true for the whole family. Here, travellers can get to read with the beautiful and attractive Snow White, share their dreams with Cinderella, laugh with Goofy & Mickey, get mesmerized with the spectacular shows and enjoy the craziest rides on offer. There are indeed varieties of exciting activities designed for people of all ages. There are 5 happening Disneyland theme parks spread all over the world that offers Disney magic, but with unique flavour of countries, where they are located.

Happening Disneyland in the world

  • Disneyland Anaheim, California: It is considered to be the biggest, oldest and also the most magical one, designed by the great Walt Disney himself! Its doors opened on 17th July, 1955 and are regarded to be the ‘happiest place present on Earth’, something that was witnessed only in cartoons and movies until then. There are 9 varying themed zones and hence, it is not possible to cover all of them within a single day. There are also luxurious Disney hotels and resorts to offer that amazing Disney experience.
  • Walt Disney World Resort, Florida: It is stated to be the 2nd tribute from America to Disney and boasts of having unlimited attractions and sure to pamper the whole family. There are state of the art recreational and spa facilities. It has 6 theme parks and is said to bring fairytales alive. But the water theme parks s what tends to surpass other available experiences. The popular zones for adults and children to enjoy swimming, snorkelling and surfing are Typhoon Lagoon and Blizzard Beach. For children, there is designed a separate pool and water slides, including a huge wave pool.
  • Disneyland, Paris: Paris does have something special to offer to children of all ages. There are several Disney characters who greet visitors. A joyful parade, which is a musical procession, can be noticed set against Cinderella Tower’s background comes with Disney princesses ride. Donald and Goofy can also be noticed playing tricks and waving to children and their parents. It is indeed an exciting spectacle of visual-audio effects. Travellers are transported back to America during the 19th century at Main-Street USA. They can enjoy commuting by vintage vehicles and horse carts.
  • Disneyland Hong Kong: This Disney theme park, right from its establishment in 2005 has managed to attract tourists in thousands throughout the year. Although it is regarded to be the smallest among all the Disneylands created, this place is quite exciting and fun-filling, with regards to entertainment and imagination. Giant sized toys surround the visitors offering larger than life kind of experience at Toy-Story Land. Minnie and Mickey Mouse offer variety of amazing firework displays and rides at the Broadway Show. It has also launched Mystic Point that offers thrilling rides, magical and spooky venture and 3D illusions.
  • Tokyo DisneySea & Disneyland: Disney magic is said to extend beyond land in Tokyo to be infused in sea with DisneySea. There are 7 different harbours that have been modelled after the different geographical regions. It starts with the Mediterranean Harbor gondola ride to the American waterfront’s talking sea turtle, providing 360 degree thrilling turnaround ride, with Indian Jones joining at Lost River Delta on an adventure. Mickey & friends also accompany the tourists at the Greeting Trail to a jungle based journey. There is plenty to experience and enjoy!!

Visiting these Disney theme parks can be a lifetime achievement for children and adults alike!!


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