Work-from-home jobs from Flipkart with training

Work-from-home jobs from Flipkart with training

Flipkart is a widely known E-Commerce organization. Being a pioneer in E-commerce the company has set in into academic training. Flipkart Supply Chain Operations Academy (SCOA) is the brainchild of many like-minded people. A leading industry giant teaching about supply chain operations doesn’t it, sound great! Yes, this is a golden opportunity.

Along with offering training Flipkart Supply Chain Operations Academy (SCOA) also absorbs their trainee into job roles. Anyone with a minimum qualification of 12th standard is sufficient to take up the training and henceforth the job.

The certificate offered by Flipkart Supply Chain Operations Academy (SCOA) is both Nationally and Internationally accredited. Taking up this training can offer jobs not only with Flipkart but also with other similar supply chain-related job roles.

How Flipkart supply chain operations academy (SCOA) helps women with career break?

This program was introduced with the aim of providing financial independence to all. Women on a career break can utilize this opportunity to boost their careers and pick a job in the coming years. This is an excellent opportunity for you to spend your spare time effectively and enhance your skills. Flipkart offers certification upon completing the program you can utilize this certificate for other companies like TCS , CTS and so on. Hence mommies use this opportunity to learn new skills and therefore gain a job to become financially independent. Apply here!

Who can join this job?

Flipkart work from home opportunity is open to all. Anyone with the age limit of 18-57 with a minimum qualification of 12th  standard can join. There is no interview process a test will be conducted to test basic knowledge and you will be absorbed into the training. Apply here!

What courses does Flipkart supply chain operations academy (SCOA)


1) Warehousing training module

2) Delivery Associates Module

Warehousing training module

The Warehouse Training Program covers all aspects of warehouse operations. Warehouse operations include goods receiving and issuing, batch and quality management, and types of movement and storage within the warehouse. There are critical tools and devices that enhance these warehouse operations.

Learning this module can assist in getting roles as Picker, Putter, Packer, Segregator, Sorter, Quality Check, Dock Management Executive (DME), Data Entry Operator (DEO), Issue Resolution, Quality Check, Executive, and Hub Incharge.

Course duration: 54 days

Delivery Associates Module

The Delivery Associate Module deals with a product’s journey. Firstly, a product travels from warehouse shelf to the back of a truck. And from the truck to  a customer’s doorstep. This deals more with customer satisfaction. Therefore, it is important to understand the end-to-end delivery operations in the e-commerce sector. Learning this module can enhance your job roles like Delivery Personnel, Sorter, Cashier, and Delivery Hub Operator.

Course duration: 52 days

Further courses include: (Will be launching soon)

  • eDAB
  • Wholesale operations Associate
  • Machine Learning and AI
  • After-sales service Executive

Join Flipkart Supply Chain Operations Academy (SCOA) and get your dream job.

To know the requirements and how to apply watch out a complete help video at  Totally happy channel.


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