Travel restrictions due to coronavirus in India

Coronavirus is a new disease caused by a group of viruses that can lead to death when it is not treated properly. It originated from Wuhan city in China during January end 2020 that resulted in nearly more than 3,500 deaths. The virus can spread from one person to another person easily and preventive measures are being taken to prevent infections. At present, the virus is very severe in Italy, Iran, USA, and other countries. The death toll has gone up to nearly 11,000 in different parts the world.

There are several countries including India implemented travel restrictions to break out the Coronavirus problems and tourists should aware of them in detail.

What are the travel restrictions imposed by Indian Government?

The Indian Government issued travel restrictions to all states that they should screen all travelers with medical teams to make sure that they are free from Coronavirus symptoms. It even banned the arrival of international passengers from Europe, Middle East, America, and other countries including Indian nationals.

Moreover, the government also asked the aviation ministry to cancel all domestic and international flights including up to 31st March, 2020. The ban is set to impact the operations of many flight companies to a large extent.

No airlines will allow passengers to board on their flights who want to travel the Middle East and European countries. With new restrictions, the aviation industry is set to face several losses in upcoming days.

Covid-19 affected nearly 2 lakh people in various parts of the world and the world health organization (WHO) declared the same as pandemic. Various state governments requested people to postpone their travel due to Coronavirus effects.

However, the restrictions are only temporary and the Indian Government will resume the flight services after reviewing the outbreak of Covid-19 after March 31, 2020. Apart from that, it stopped issuing visas and e-visas until 15th April.

India recently announced that travelers who come from China, Italy, Germany, Spain, Iran, Korea, France, UAE, Oman, Qatar, and Kuwait to undergo quarantine tests to know whether they have positive or negative symptoms. There are three categories available for them and those who come from above 11 countries should undergo a mandatory quarantine.

In addition to that, passengers who come from nearby countries should undergo Covid-19 screening test for confirming the disease.

Travel restrictions for train passengers

The railway department in India cancelled various trains in India due to the outbreak of Covid-19. In fact, suburban trains including metro rails reduced their operations in major cities to minimize the spreading of Coronavirus.

There are only a few trains operating now and passengers should take care of them while planning a trip to other places. It is advisable for them not to travel in trains and flights as per the latest instructions framed by the Indian Government. Travelers should focus more on safety measures when there is any need for travel. This will help a lot to get high level protection from Covid-19 effectively to eliminate the risks.



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