Top 5 shopping festivals in the world

A majority of people like to buy a lot of things when they travel to foreign nations. Although online shopping is gaining popularity these days, some may prefer visiting retail outlets to purchase new items. Leading shop malls all around the world allow customers to select products based on their choices. From flip flops to automobiles, they aim at fulfilling the expectations of buyers with options. While niche tourism is gaining popular these days, every destination has its own set of products when it comes to shopping. In fact, they have a combination of both local and global items in order to satisfy the demands of buyers.

Nowadays, there are some nations which organize shopping festivals for tourists enabling them to buy a wide range of goods at the best prices. People should know more about them in detail that can help explore a variety of things in one place. Another thing is that it gives ways to save more money while buying products. The top 5 shopping festivals in the world allow a person to purchase anything at unbelievable prices to get a unique experience.

Here is the list of some 5 top shopping festivals in the world.

  1. The Great Singapore Sale

Singapore in South East Asia is wool-known for its huge shopping malls that attract a large number of visitors. The Great Singapore Sale is the biggest one that lets tourists get 70% off on all local and international brands. It provides ways to enjoy tax-free shopping within shopping malls and precincts across the city center. This eight week event includes guides and walking tours which allow customers to buy a plethora of items at cheaper rates. It is usually held in June-July months that provide opportunities to shop luxury items, watches, electronics items, clothes, hand bags, shoes, and designer jewellery.

  1. The Dubai shopping festival

Dubai organizes shopping festival in January- February every year which includes fashion shows and giveaways enabling customers to purchase goods from over 5000 shops and 60 shopping malls. In addition, people can enjoy the fireworks and music after completing a full day of shopping. The festival is a paradise for those who love shopping. Apart from that, it even conducts come competition for customers to earn free gifts while buying goods. The festival also includes some entertainment activities that make buyers happier. It is a great event for getting big bargains on electronics, fashion, jewellery, and other times that can save more money to a large extent.

  1. Hong Kong shopping festival

Hong Kong is a leading shopping destination in Asia because 87% tourists like to shop a wide range of items with options. It is an annual festival held from June to August that allows tourists to purchase a variety of products at unbelievable prices. The festival is an ideal one for those who want to buy Chinese handicrafts, apparel, artificial items, footwear, designer jewellery, and so on. Besides that, it gives ways to enjoy the concerts and other activities to spend quality time with family or others. There are several malls that participate in the festival allowing visitors to get a trendy shopping experience.

  1. USA outlet shopping festival

USA outlet shopping festival is a short event that allows shopping lovers to get the best deals on certain items in 21 states across the USA. The festival even covers dining options, entertainment activities, restaurants, and other things making tourists to witness complete entertainment. One can find awesome collections with huge discounts thereby showing ways to minimize the expenditure while making a visit to the USA. It gives methods to avail mind-blowing offers at Orange, Sawgrass Mills, and other retail outlets enabling tourists to fill their shopping bags or suitcases with a variety of items.

  1. Cannes Shopping festival

Cannes Shopping festival is a grand event held in France in May for nearly 12 days. The event provides the best opportunities for fashion enthusiasts to know more about the latest clothes and other items that come with modern trends. It allows tourists to buy high-quality shoes, clothes, and handbags that come with exclusive designs. They can fly to the event for saving more money while shopping in the malls and shops.


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