Five homemade healthy & delicious dog food recipes

Five homemade healthy & delicious dog food recipes

Delicious dog food recipes

Dogs love happy times and happy growth. For healthy growth, they require delicious food. Let’s read about some of the healthy delicious dog food recipes. Dogs love treats. Although, there are several packed foods available in the market. Homemade ones are both healthy and love-filled treats. Homemade dog foods are delicious, healthy, and money-saving too.

5 homemade dog food recipes

  •  Chicken Jerky

This wonderful substitute for market-available rawhide products is made from chicken. This has necessary proteins is chewy and as well as little tough. It keeps the muscle structure of your pet intact. Chicken breasts are among the components, and preparation is simple. However, if you are a vegetarian, you can substitute sweet potatoes for the chicken. Dogs also enjoy sweet potatoes.

  • Peanut butter cookies

Dogs love peanut butter cookies, which may also be used to add beneficial fish oil to your pet’s diet.Eventhough,healthy dogs tend to avoid fish oil.Your dog’s fur becomes healthier, softer, and shinier with regular use. Since commercial brands typically include dangerous additives and hydrogenated oils, you can make peanut butter at home.

  • Chicken Casserole

Such dishes are probably going to give the pet’s food plan an interesting flavor. It is a fantastic combination of flavorful chicken and healthy vegetables. With this specific recipe, you can be confident that your dog will receive the ideal, balanced diet. Using olive oil for frying, you may make this recipe at home.

  • Vegetable & fruit strips

It is a wonderful and inexpensive substitute for the pricey dog foods that are offered in the market. Your dog will adore this simple food recipe that you can make. Just slice and chop your fruit and veggie ingredients. If your dog obeys your commands, you can reward him with small items. This dish has high nutritional qualities as it contains vitamin C, which helps to strengthen your pet’s immune system. Offer this healthy reward during your training sessions. This makes your furry pet both happier and healthier.

  • Fruit Parfait

Dogs also love having desserts for food. One such recipe that is sure to make them love you more is Fruit Parfait. This recipe includes combining fruits and dairy together to enhance its taste and flavour. Moreover, its consumption allows your pet to get good dosage of protein and vitamins. It should be given as breakfast early in the morning.

Besides the above five, there are also many others dog food recipes that you can come across on the web with some research. Treat your furry friend with healthy and delicious dog food and make you their favorite parent. Taking care of your pet involves lot of learning including learning dog communication and providing healthy food.




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