Parenting in the time of the Pandemic

Parenting in the time of the Pandemic

Parenting in the time of the Pandemic


The pandemic that started spreading earlier this year has rocked our lives and turned it upside down. People of all age groups, across all walks of life have been affected one way or another. Parenting can be particularly difficult during these unprecedented times. For parents grappling with the new normal, there are some ways to bring a semblance of sanity and structure to your everyday life.

1.Keep children engaged productively:

If you have been strict about zero screen time, this may have gone out the window now! It is hard to keep children away from screen when they are isolated at home all day long. Do give them limited screen time every day while you get some work done around the house. Spend some quality time together doing things that are fun and creative.

  1. Make sure they get some physical exercise:

Since play time is restricted, make sure your child gets his daily dose of physical exercise. You could exercise together and if it is safe or you could take them out at a set time everyday for a walk or some playtime.

  1. Organize their day:

As much as possible, stick to their normal schedules and routines. This includes their meal time, nap and bed times, play time, study time etc. When normalcy has gone for a toss, this will help maintain their balance and introduce some predictability.

  1. Validate their feelings:

It is important to take care of the emotional wellbeing of children during this time. They may feel scared for their grandparents who are living alone. Or scared for you when you go out all geared up. They may feel sad about not being able to meet their friends everyday. Make them talk to close family members they are concerned about, often. They may have plenty of questions about the pandemic. Answer them honestly, while reassuring them about anything they may fear.

  1. Guide them with studies:

It may be something you always do, but children need this now more than ever. Online classes may be more challenging and some kids may have difficulty concentrating, following concepts etc. So help them out with their assignments and studies more.

     6. Show them how to keep safe:

Ensure everyone at home take enough protective measures like wearing masks while stepping out, maintaining social distancing, washing hands often etc.

The feeling of uncertainty and being holed up at home takes some getting used to. Its easy as a caregiver to feel overwhelmed at times. Make sure to take a break and spend some quality “me time“. Eat healthy, get enough rest and sleep and exercise regularly. As parents it’s important to do everything possible to keep children safe, make sure they are healthy, physically as well as emotionally, and manage their daily routines. Go easy on them, these are stressful times for kids too.

Following these tips can help you and your family cope and come out stronger and more resilient.


Renuka Rajendran

Content writer and blogger



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