Be 100% sure

Be 100% sure

Watching T20 in 2020 is simply awesome, in fact it was a great relief in this lockdown.

As I was enjoying watching T20, certain questions was wandering in my mind and would like to pen down the same in this article.

1)      Why does a batsman wear helmet, pads and guards? Can’t he play without all those, the answer may be Yes but it’s a strict NO because safety first, so nothing adverse happens.

2)      If you look at the batsman, though he wants to hit boundary shots but he still takes singles and doubles to keep the score board moving.

3)      Though there is a tremendous amount of technology available still we have two umpires in the ground, to keep the match going smoothly.

Is there any correlation between finance and the three above points mentioned? The answer is YES.

Current generation is very clear on cracking exams and being placed in the TOP corporates with a starting salary of six or seven digits but the place where most of them make a mistake is HANDLING the FINANCE. Hence while handling finance the three points that one has to remember is

1)      The moment you start earning, take sufficient term life insurance cover because safety comes first, so that the family is taken care when some adverse situation occurs.

2)      Don’t expect all your money to grow at 10% and 15%, diversify your portfolio so that it helps you in building a safe and good corpus over a period of time.

3)      Though you fill your thoughts with many online finance tips, it is still better you discuss with a proper financial planner / banker than just reading some articles (Field Umpires may be wrong at times, hence we should also have a third umpire). In your financial planning YOU are the third umpire. Hence don’t just blindly follow others, do research on your own because it’s your MONEY, just be 100% sure.

As Maslow’s hierarchy theory says air, food, shelter, and clothing as the basic needs, in financial management – Term life insurance and savings play that basic role.

There is always a misconception with many that “I will start my savings later” – which means you need to double your efforts for each day that you have delayed your decision. Hence do not wait for some auspicious moment, just start today to be 100% sure for having a secured financial future.


Manoj Kumar Alapati

Fellow – III Life, AMFI, AFP



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