Basic night skincare routine

Basic night skincare routine

Doesn’t matter whether you are a girl or boy, but you should always follow a proper nighttime skin care routine for a healthy skin. In this article, I am going to tell you a proper night skin care routine which will tell nourish and smooths your skin.


The first step is cleansing. It is very important to use a  good cleanser, so that all the impurities and dirt cleanses away. You can go for Herbal face washes like good vibes,  Kaya, or any other brand which suits your skin. You can also choose face washes according to your face problem like if you have acne you can go for Acne-prone face washes, or if you have only face then you can go for oil-free face washes.


The second step is steaming your face and then apply any face pack that suits your skin, Steaming is a very important step because it will help to open the pores of your face. Whatever face pack you apply, it will absorb well in the skin. This step is not for daily routine. You can use this step twice or thrice a week. You can go for face packs from mamas earth and caffeine or good vibes etc.

Step 3

If you have open pores then you must use toner. It will help to shrink the open pores of your face and also removes the leftover dirt or face wash on your face. After this step, you can use any oil if you want to use it. You can go for good Vibes, Alps goodness, or any other brand.

Step 4

Step 4 is moisturizing. It is very-very important to moisturize your skin at the end. If you do not apply any moisturizer than all the steps you have done before doesn’t worth it anymore. Use a proper moisturizer that will also hydrate your skin. You can go for good vibes gels,  Ponds moisturizer, or any other brands.

This Is a basic skincare night routine which you need to follow for a good and healthy skin.


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