Work from home jobs from TELUS International

Work from home jobs from TELUS International

Several work from home jobs from TELUS International are open in 2023.TELUS International delivers the best customer and digital experience for top-performing brands. Customer experience is crucial for brand improvisation and global establishment. Careers at TELUS International range from offering Client care representatives, Business process outsourcing, freelancer, digital solutions, and support positions. To know more job options, check out TELUS International webpage

Jobs open right now are listed below:

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What is customer experience?

    A business cycle completes with a customer. This is the traditional strategy. In modern times the business cycle begins with a customer. Selling a product to a customer starts when the customer views an ad or talks to the sales team. The experience a customer gets from the first sales call to buying the product determines many factors. Providing exceptional customer experience turns the customer into a repeat customer or brand advocate. This is a continuous process in the product cycle.

Who is TELUS International ?

    TELUS International is an authority in providing outstanding digital customer experience (CX). Over a period of 16 years TELUS has emerged as a reliable partner for organizations seeking to excel in customer service. The company delivers a customer-centric approach and innovative technologies. TELUS International work towards empowering global businesses, expanding their branding.

    TELUS International stands out as a trusted partner in the realm of digital customer experience, catering to diverse industries such as technology, telecommunications, finance, healthcare, and more. The company believes delivering exceptional customer experiences is the prime part of business development in today’s hyper-connected world.

Services offered by TELUS International

AI Data Solutions at TELUS International 

    AI is ruling the world as a powerful assistive technology. TELUS incorporates a million+ annotators and linguists. The proprietary Ground Truth AI training platform handles all data types across 500+ languages and dialects. The AI Data Solutions enhance diverse AI systems including smart products, to better search results, expanded speech recognition, and more human-like bot interactions. Undoubtedly, TELUS works towards creating and enhancing the world’s data to enable better AI via human intelligence.

Customer experience (CX) Work from Home jobs from TELUS International

    TELUS International offers meaningful customer experiences (CX) via a secure, global work-from-home (WFH) model. The CX operations encompass a holistic work-from-anywhere option. The program absorbs qualified people and offers the best processes and technology to deliver a flexible and secure support model. They offer either additional customer support resources or solidifying business continuity via the latest technology developments. Services include: coaching, recruitment, training, analytics, and workforce management.

Digital Experience (DX) at TELUS International

     TELUS harnesses the power of next-gen technologies and digital accelerators to create the best high-tech, experience on lean, agile, human-centered design. They develop automated, intelligent engagement tools for an exceptional digital revolution.


      TELUS International empowers global business through extended Customer Experience. Additionally, having multilingual capabilities, with about 50 languages and more, the company operates in over 50+ countries.  Furthermore enhancing trust relationship with customers allows building a personal brand. Career opportunities at TELUS International include software developer, Data engineer, SAP engineer, AWS developer, full stack developer, DevOps Engineer

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