Earn upto 30k per month from home

Earn upto 30k per month from home

How to earn upto 30k per month from home?

Job offers open at PlanetSpark (https://www.planetspark.in/). A soft-skill training company. Teaching jobs and Software developer jobs are open in work from home mode. Work for about 4 hours a day and earn per-hour charges as per the job role. The company also offers work-from-office roles. Read the complete article from Day2dayreads to know more about effective communication and job opportunities at PlanetSpark.

Apply here – https://www.planetspark.in/careers

What is public speaking?

Public speaking is the skill of facing people and communicating effectively. Effective communication builds strong relationships in the working space as well as in business. Resolving conflicts is a part of everyday routine. A better communicator conveys the right words at the right time. One should learn the art of expressing thoughts in a constructive manner.

Building a positive working environment brings peace as well as mental well-being to the people around them. This escalates a person to become an effective leader. Communication involves not only speaking effectively but also listening patiently. Learn public speaking with PlanetSpark.

PlanetSpark is an online corporate communication skills training company. The company offers training on developing: communication skills, leadership skills, negotiation skills, convincing skills, and other soft skills for corporate. They cater customized content to about 13 countries around the world. Grow your business with PlanetSpark and drive excellent results through communication skills training

List of job openings available as work from home

  • React Native Developer
  • Aws Cloud/DevOps Engineer
  • Teacher Trainer (English)
  • Telesales Executive
  • Ruby On Rails Developer
  • Front End Developer
  • Online English Teacher

List of job openings available as work from office

  • Tele Calling Associate
  • Ruby On Rails Developer
  • React Native Developer
  • Sales Associate
  • Inside Sales Associate
  • Sales Telecall
  • Business Development Associate
  • Telesales Executive

The offers public speaking and soft skill training to young children. They cover the following modules:

Story telling

  1. The Art of storytelling
  2. Talking About self
  3. Growth Mindset

Voice & Fluency

  1. An impactful voice
  2. Fluency
  3. Developing confidence

Beginning to write

  1. Writing through pictures
  2. Getting ready to write
  3. Writing cards and letters

Conversation skills

  1. Daily discussions
  2. Describing Things Around US
  3. Talking About Surroundings

Improving my writing

  1. The High five hand
  2. Tools to improve my writing
  3. Getting better at writing


  1. Poetry
  2. Drama Techniques

Story writing

  1. Creating Wordless
  2. Writing and editing a story
  3. Personal narrative

Along with the above mentioned they also offer: Everyday writing, Reading foundation, Listening skills, Creative expression, Social and emotional skills, Logical & critical thinking

Contact details for work from home jobs

For Teachers:

Please mail at teachersupport@planetspark.in

For students :

Please mail at customersupport@planetspark.in

Chat options are also available















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