Permanent work from home jobs 2023

Permanent work from home jobs 2023

What is work from home?

The digital era has seen the development of digital tools and communication technologies, eliminating the need for physical office space. The office space can be shifted to a home, common workspace, or even a café. Firstly, this saves time allowing a leisurely working setup. Secondly, the travel hassle is completely zero. Thirdly the office space cost is saved for the company.

What is a traditional office setup?

Generally, a traditional office setup job has fixed timing for the employees either one batch running on a single time scale. Or multiple batches of employees working on a shift basis. This requires the employees to travel and reach the office space on prompt timings. Also, the office has to provide basic amenities to the employees. To reduce cost time companies, go in for a work-from-home mode. Although the work-from-home option is beneficial for both the company and the employee. However, it lacks something. Can you guess what? Yes, undoubtedly the face-to-face interaction is missing here which do has some cons. Still many industries especially the computer-based ones prefer a work-from-home setup.

How do companies meet employees in a work from home?

Though people don’t connect physically some sort of communication needs to be established to get the work done, isn’t it? So here comes the advanced video conferencing and screen-sharing applications. Cloud-based collaboration is a well-established connection mode for sharing data updates.

Why do employees prefer to work from home?

First and foremost, to reduce travel time and travel tiredness. Commuting either in public or private transport for 20 to 30 minutes or even more in a metro city traffic is an additional burden to life. Working from home saves both the time and energy spent on it.

Second one can establish a comfortable working environment. Have a work desk and furniture designed for our own comfort. This aids in efficient ergonomics and adds value in terms of performance.

Why do employers prefer to work from home?

Accommodating an employee in an office includes the cost of the office space, and providing basic amenities. All this cost adds to the investment and expenditure incurred by the company. Cost including setting up the office with expensive furniture, computers, water dispensers, and providing the electricity cost is all extra work for the investor. Working from home simplifies all this cost and effort and reduce it to just installing a few applications for interactions.

Don’t you think additionally this improves the work-life balance. That was missing in the previous generation of people. So learn the smart techniques listed below and take a work from opportunity at your step.

Things to ensure

  • Learning and installing applications for virtual applications and video conferencing.
  • Writing proper official emails as the numbers may be higher than before.
  • Team collaborating applications like Collab tree
  • Ensuing high-speed internet access for work time.

Additional points to note

  • Adapting to this setup might take time both physically and mentally.
  • Certain company policies might vary for a work-from-home
  • Additional working hours might set in at times
  • Staying self-motived is essential as we lack physical meeting with the boss daily.


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