Sell Old Clothes for Earn Extra Bucks

Sell Old Clothes for Earn Extra Bucks

If you have too many old clothes and you don’t know where to sell or how to sell it or which is the best site for selling, then your search is over. Here, you will know about those sites where you can sell old clothes, the things which are not needed, accessories, shoes, etc. With some of the great tips to sell online.

Below are some of platforms for selling those items along with charges and pros and cons:

  1. DePop

Here you can sell old vintage clothes. You can sell many more things like jewelry, shoes, and including lifestyle items too such as records, books, posters, etc. The charges are 10% of the sale with PayPal charges (which differs related to country).

Pros are as it’s simple for beginners to use who want to make their first sale.

Cons are none.

This is a nice app for selling and buying clothes just like Instagram, you need to upload pictures with a caption at the bottom for description. Along with price and size of the items.

2. Ebay

It’s best for everything. If you’re very much into online shopping you would know that anything you can sell on eBay. Charges are 10% on all sales.

Pros are that not only you can sell clothes, but also quirky vintage items, shoes, and jewelry.

Cons are people can sell anything on this platform.

You know that eBay is well known for selling clothes online. But before selling you should research everything for ebay like what buyers need, on what niche, the products on demand. There are two options on eBay. First, you can set a non-negotiable price and place a buy button for it. Second, you can set an auction for your buyers and decide the price.

3. Vinted

It’s the best platform for selling branded clothes and products such as Mango, Zara, etc. Charges aren’t for sellers but there’s a small charge for the buyers on their purchase.

Pros is that you can sell anything on this platform. If you have a product which is on high demand, you can sell it for twice the price.

Cons is that if you have a new and unused item it will go much better on the platform.

Vinted is very similar to DePop where you can sell everything on this platform. You just have to click a picture, upload it with a description and you are done. Vinted is mainly for older people.


As everyone knows what Facebook is, how to use it, how to upload anything. It’s best for selling products in the local area. There aren’t any charges for selling. Though it ain’t the best place, trying to sell is worth giving a shot. You need to upload items in a very nice way. This platform ain’t for niche or vintage items. If you go with a trend, then you can try.

5. Preloved

It’s mainly for selling second hand items, old clothes, etc. You can also say it’s a classified ad site. There aren’t any charges. It’s a known ad site, which lets you search in your local area. It’s very similar to Craigslist. As it mainly focuses on the local area it helps you prevent the postage charges. You can upload a maximum of 3 pictures. Don’t forget to upload your profile, so buyers won’t have any confusion if you aren’t real or not.

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