Amazon Direct shipping Freebies 2021

Amazon Direct shipping Freebies 2021

How many of you know about Amazon direct shipping freebies? It’s okay if you haven’t heard about it. This article will clear all your doubts regarding direct shipping freebies.


So, what’s the direct shipping facility of Amazon?

Amazon direct shipping offers you to have several free products direct from Amazon sellers. It doesn’t mean that you get free products from Amazon because it’s the one that ships them. You won’t get products like kindle, echo, etc. Don’t get confused. It’s not Amazon that sends the products. It’s those sellers who send freebies from their stocks or inventory like jewelry, toys, books, clothing, etc. Amazon is out of it.


For getting the freebies you can’t directly open Amazon and fill the freebies form. You need to find this on various websites and groups on Facebook.


Now you would be wondering why sellers ship products via a direct ship of Amazon?


Millions of overseas sellers sell their products in the UK and US markets. According to research, 83% sell products in the US marketplace. But, 51% aren’t located in the US. Therefore, they are overseas sellers. They have two options: either store those products in the warehouse in their country or sell it on Amazon and store all the products in their warehouse. By shipping it through Amazon there’s an advantage because the shipping cost of products internationally through their local store is pretty high. Shipping directly from a local store will eventually increase the shipping cost and eventually your business cost. This will lead you to increase the seller’s product cost and the buyers won’t be interested in buying.


Amazon charges a fee to store sellers’ stocks at their warehouse which is known as FBA( Fulfilled by Amazon).


What’s Amazon’s FBA?

The FBA offers you to store your products in their warehouse, and when an order is placed they will pack, ship it directly and provide customer service. This will help your business grow overseas. This Amazon FBA thing ain’t free. They charge a certain amount of fee for giving these options to sellers.


Charges are of inventory storage feet, long-term storage fee (if storage exceeds by 1 year), fulfillment fee (packing and shipping charges), removal fee (return and dispose of the inventory), an unplanned fee (if products arrive at the center without proper labeling, etc) and return process fee (when a customer returns with free shipping).


There are times when products are not being sold for a long time which leads the seller to have higher costs. When it exceeds its deadline, Amazon starts to charge monthly after long-term fees exceed. Rather than paying that charge, the sellers ship it to random people to save them from that cost.

They don’t do it because they are good from heart, they do this because they want minimal expenses.


Now this question must have arrived in your mind, who ships the direct freebies ship?

The sellers ask Amazon to give free orders to various addresses. So, Amazon packs it and ships it to the address. For freebies, you will get mail from Amazon directly which makes it legit. So, it’s very legal and legit.


You should be careful while registering for this, because of a lot of scams regarding personal details.

Points to remember:

  • Don’t give your address, give a PO box address.
  • Use another phone number that isn’t for your personal use.
  • Use different email Id.


How can you find the forms to register on Amazon direct ships?

You can’t find it on Amazon directly. Because you’re dealing with the seller directly. You have to go through many methods listed below to fill the forms.

  • Facebook group of Amazon direct ships

You will find thousands of Facebook groups that deal with Amazon direct freebies. But you should be beware of the SCAMS!!! You can find the groups by searching “Amazon direct ship” and you will find a lot of groups. Join them and get direct ships, freebies, giveaways, and codes. Few of them you can check are Direct ship, Azon codes & Direct ship & Giveaways only, Amazon giveaway freebies, K.C.’s direct ship freebies & more

  • Find it on google by searching the same thing which you used on Facebook.
  • You could find it on Reddit too.


How to fill those forms?

  • Open the link.
  • Read the given information very carefully.
  • Check what the supplier wants you to do such as following them on social media.
  • Fill it, submit it, and you’re done.

A big thing to keep in mind if the seller asks you for personal information, just close it cause it will be a scam.


Hoping that this article will help you to gain knowledge about Amazon direct ship freebies.

Few links for you to get your freebies

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Link 2 – Reddit

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Link 4 – Consumer queen 



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