Apps which Pays You for Walking!!!

Apps which Pays You for Walking!!!

The heading will bring a smile to your face. As it involves earning money without any investment or any hard work, the money comes from walking whoa…. Isn’t it good that you will get paid for walking? Yeah, of course, because who wouldn’t like to earn money just by walking. So, in this article, we will talk about those apps which will pay you for walking. So let’s get started to know those apps

If you want to get paid for walking, SweatCoin is best for it. They don’t count your walk on the treadmill or walking in the house. They count when you walk outside like in the park. For getting the reward you have to use your GPS in your phone at the time when you are walking or even you can use Fitbit for tracking. With every 1000 steps, you will be rewarded with 0.95 SweatCoins. SweatCoin money ain’t real. But you can use the coins to get rewards that are within the app. You get a gift card of $1000 against 20000 steps, so you can save your coins.

In this app, you not only get paid for walking but also pay you for completing some of their exercises such as swim, run, play, bike, etc. So, it pays you for both walking and exercising. You need to log in to all your activities on the app every day. They will reward you with 6 points when you log your details like sleep, intake of food, weight gain or loss, and sharing your journey on social media. When you reach 10000 points you will get $10, which you can take out in cash or donate to a charity. You can earn $10 every 3-4 months, just by using the app skillfully. If you are a health freak kinda person, you can add extra bucks into it. Health can be your bonus for money! Isn’t it?

Another app which pays you for walking is Rover. This app will help you find dog walking jobs. In this app, you get paid for walk dogs. You need to sign up yourself on their website or the app. Well, other apps don’t allow you to make money fast, but Rover allows you to earn $20 for a single walk. Isn’t it amazing friends?

If you are an animal lover, this will be a nice opportunity to earn extra cash.

Runtopia in the name suggests you run, walk, cycle, etc. Which also gives you a facility of couch audio that plays during your workout. When you complete your regular task and participate you will get Sports coins. These coins can be used against free membership, coupons, products, and even cash in through PayPal. They expire in March, so always remember to use them. It also has a lot more features which I haven’t mentioned here. So, it would be good to check those features out.

StepBet in the name itself tells you to bet on yourself. So, you can achieve the goals to meet the money or not achieve the goal and make a loss of money. On your current health status, it will give you goals. So, you have to achieve your goals every week for the next six-week period for winning the money. Approximately you can bet $40 on your goals.

These apps are very useful to earn extra money while walking, running, exercising, etc. And keeping a good record of your health and fitness while living your daily routine life.

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