Reasons for dogs to develop digging habits and how to prevent them

Reasons for dogs to develop digging habits and how to prevent them

Often you find your dog to create craters all over your backyard. This digging habit is not just restricted to your dog but is commonly exhibited by dogs all over the world. However, this habit is likely to destroy your landscape. But why do dogs do them? What does this mean in a dog language? This article briefs you about what digging habits in dogs mean. Learning dog language is important to develop a good rapport with your dogs.

Reasons for digging habits in dogs can range from as simple as seeking your attention, wanting entertainment during their boredom times, and requiring comfort, and protection, or to escape from enemies. Read further to get a deeper view.

Reasons for digging habits in dogs and ways to prevent it

  • Attention seeking is the primary reason for digging habits in the dog

If your dog receives a reward for engaging in a certain behavior, it is likely to develop into a habit. Even punishment is a form of reward for your furry friend. When you offer enough attention to your dogs they are less likely to get into digging habits. Interact more with them play more, and take them for a lengthy walk. All this will make them feel happy and engaged hence their attention-seeking nature will subside. Offer a positive alternative to inculcate positive behavior.

  • Wanting for entertainment

Dogs are inclined to dig for fun if they discover soil and roots to play with. Try to provide more time in a variety of ways. You can give them interactive toys, teach them some skills or commands, take them for twice-daily walks, and do other things. You must keep them interested for a while by giving them satisfaction.

  • Dogs dig for both protection and comfort

In order to rest on the cool dirt during the hot summer months, dogs prefer to dig holes. Additionally, they dig to access water or find refuge from the wind, rain, and cold. It is your responsibility to give your pet the appropriate safety or comfort. Give them access to your house or make sure they have safe, pleasant shelter outside. If your dog still enjoys digging, then set aside a specific digging zone.

  • Digging for hunting a prey

Dogs like catching insects and burrowing animals from your garden. For this purpose, they tend to dig holes in your backyard. Cleaning your garden often will keep these preys at a stay. Use natural and environmentally friendly methods to clean. Therefore, you can enjoy a clean, safe garden as well as avoid craters too.

  • Digging to escape their zone

Dogs might dig when they are not happy with their environment and want to escape. They might sometimes feel uncomfortable with your house or surroundings. This might be due a new family member or any animal attack or sickness. Try to understand their problem and offer an appropriate solution. Do not punish as punishing might worsen the situation.


Getting to know the reasons and taking the right initiatives can help your dog break such unwanted habits. Happy pet parenting.


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