LinkedIn- a hub to grow professional Network

LinkedIn- a hub to grow professional Network

LinkedIn is a professional network for job seekers. Create a profile with an updated CV and skillset. The site allows a growing professional network by connecting with company CEOs and HRs directly. Join LinkedIn and earn your job.

Risk of freelancer

Freelancers are always at risk of not getting enough jobs and hence losing interest in the job search. To avoid this a freelancer must be highly self-motivated and should have high self-esteem. A healthy mindset is very much necessary to get continuous jobs and stay active in the job field. What if I say there is a website to keep your mind healthy and help you grow your professional network? Read below to know more about the best professional networking hub- LinkedIn.

Linkedln – Professional networking hub

LinkedIn is a social networking platform used to develop professional networks. The platform has hundreds of top CEOs, HR recruiters, and other professionals. Freelancers can create a profile highlighting their work experience, skills, education, and other professional accomplishments. The profile can be viewed by top recruiters and if your profile matches their skillset you have a high chance of being called for an interview. Also if you perform a job best for a client on LinkedIn through their positive feedback you can earn a good trustworthy network. Network building is the biggest hassle. But with LinkedIn, this is made easier.

                                                                                                              “ Job World is at your fingertips with LinkedIn”

Your professional network can cross your country’s borders and you can easily reach multi-national clients and high-profile clients by optimizing your LinkedIn profile and offering quality service. Remember the quality is the king. Once you offer quality work to your client, they become your marketing strategy. Offer good work expand your network and build professional relationships.

Guide to use LinkedIn

  • Profile Creation

The profile must include a CV but not restricted to it. It can include all the skillsets you have both academic and non-academic. A good profile picture with about myself, education,skills,work experience and other interest can be added.

  • Networking

LinkedIn is like a professional version of Facebook. Initially when you establish a profile it will show profiles of your friends from same office, school and college. This will slowly expand  when you post more about you skills. Once you narrow down to your skills it will show persons with similar skills in that few experts also might appear connect with them and grow your professional network.

  • Job Searching

Many companies and recruiters post their job openings directly on LinkedIn. Thereby, making LinkedIn a robust job search site. Search the jobs relevant to your skills, locations and salary packages. If will be easy for recruiters to search about you from your profile. This comes with a caution keep your profile strictly professional so that when a recruiter looks at the profile he should feel good about offering the job to you.

  • Company Pages

Not just job openings but Organizations create company pages on LinkedIn to showcase their company culture, work nature, and other updates. Users can follow these pages to stay updated with the latest news and job opportunities.

  • Professional Development

LinkedIn not only offers jobs but also learning resources. Online certification programs related to your skills might showcase in your profile. You can choose one if you want to upgrade your CV.

  • Recommendations and Endorsements

Users can endorse their connections for specific skills and provide recommendations based on their professional experience, which can help enhance their credibility and reputation.

LinkedIn has been providing the above mentioned features and continuously upgrading the same. Explore the job pool by creating a professional account yourself.


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