PDF to Word conversion freelance jobs

PDF to Word conversion freelance jobs

PDF to Word conversion freelance jobs

Typing the image file provided as PDF into a Word document is the summary of the PDF to Word file conversion freelance job. With good typing speed and a computer connected to the internet, one can perform this job and earn a good income. Read the blog further to get further details of PDF to Word conversion freelance jobs. P

“Victory comes from finding opportunities in problems”

-Sun Tzu


Post covid there is a rise in health issues due to lack of mobility and not breathing fresh air. Not alone health but also the economy has seen a roller coaster. This has brought in a complete mind-shift in society as “no money is enough money”. In 2023, we are living in an unstable society that needs to expect the unexpected. Economists advise having multiple income sources for survival rather than depending on one. Always an easy side income is the best choice, isn’t it? There are multiple opportunities spread across the internet world. All we have to do it to widen our research skills to seek the best ones.

Work-from-home jobs

Working from the perk of sitting on your couch is an amazing earning option. Post Covid 19 we have become accustomed to sitting at home and managing personal and professional life under one roof. Most computer-based jobs have seen this shift from the traditional office to the home-based setup. There are several new opportunities coming up in this sector of earning from remote locations.

Advantages of Work-from-home jobs

There are several perks of earning from home. Provides good work-life balance and saves transit stress. With minimal requirements the job becomes accessible to all age groups be a new mother, a college student or a retired professional can take up this typing job. Even if you are in a full-time job and looking for part-time options you can take up work from home choices. Read this article fully to know more about earning from home. There are a lot of options to work from home let us discuss PDF to word conversion jobs in this article.

PDF to Word document conversion

Client provides PDF files in image format to convert  into Word documents. Tools cannot be used to convert as the client mostly offers image files. As the company’s team will take care of producing and editing the content conversion work will be outsourced. In most cases, a pre-written file will be given which has to be typed in Word with proper alignment and submitted back to the client.

Companies shall look for the following basic requirements:

  • Candidates should possess a good laptop/desktop/smartphone
  • Basic knowledge of handling computer
  • Optimal typing speed
  • Good internet connectivity

Any graduate can perform the typing job and avail easy option of side income .

Become a freelancer by registering your job profile for data entry jobs at

  1. Freelancer https://www.freelancer.in/
  2. Up Work https://www.upwork.com/
  3. Fiverr https://www.fiverr.com/
  4. Guru https://www.guru.com/
  5. People per hour https://www.peopleperhour.com/

Facebook and LinkedIn are other social networking sites to search online typing jobs.  Genuity check is an important step .Visiting the job providers  URLs and doing a fact check will keep us away from fake job posts. The income you earn shall vary depending on your typing skills and the type of client you choose.

To know how to use LinkedIn to grow your professional network refer https://www.day2dayreads.com/work-from-home/linkedin-a-hub-to-grow-professional-network/

What next?

Let us discuss  the future options you have after working for a few years in PDF conversion jobs.

Content editing jobs will be a next level option with  document alignment skills and optimal grammar knowledge . This could range from doing a single-page-based alignment or a book/thesis alignment work. Virtual assistant jobs  are another prospective option. Establish your client network by providing quality work to reach great heights in career. Hope this work-from-home opportunity will be an easy try for your side income. Give it a try and improve your financial independence.

Check out my YouTube video for a detailed note on how to earn by typing a PDF document into a Microsoft Word document.


Refer the link below to know best opportunities with good typing skills.

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