Best work from home tele calling with training 2023- Squadstack

Best work from home tele calling with training 2023- Squadstack

Telecalling jobs are very popular in recent decades. Basically, the job involves making customer-related calls to improve sales. This article elaborates on the best tele calling job with a training option. The job is offered by Squastack as a work-from-home opportunity. Companies across the globe outsource the job of selecting, training, and assigning Telecallers to Squadstack. Check out Squadstack at

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What is Telecalling?

Telecalling or telemarketing jobs, refers to voice process-based jobs. The major role is to make outbound calls and receive inbound calls to promote a product or service. Also, need to handle customer inquiries, provide support, and conduct surveys. Telecalling jobs require good communication skills and the ability to handle customer interactions over the phone. Listed below are some key points about Telecalling jobs:

Guidelines to Become a telecaller

  1. Telecallers handle a high volume of calls made to customers, to explain the products or services offered by the company. This is the major source to generate leads. Need to book appointments for marketing, resolve customer grievances, and conduct market research via surveys.
  2. Outbound Telecalling refers to calling potential customers to sell products or services. This is done by conveying information about products, addressing customer queries, and convincing the customers to make a purchase.
  3. Inbound telecalling, refers to handling incoming calls from customers who have inquiries and grievances. To guide the customers, by providing information, troubleshooting issues, processing orders, or escalating complex problems to supervisors or relevant departments.
  4. Telecalling jobs require excellent communication skills The Telecallers are trained to speak clearly and amicable. A good speaker should be a good listener too. Additionally, a telecaller should be a good listener who listens to the customers with empathy and patience.
  5. Alongside Telecallers need data entry skills and customer relationship management (CRM) systems.
  6. A convincing tone is required to persuade customers to take the necessary call to action like buying the product or subscribing to a service etc.
  7. Achieving sales targets and handling rejections are part of the job too.
  8. Telecalling jobs are generally office based but in recent times post Covid 19 episodes it has shifted to remote-based options too.
  9. Working Hours could be flexible or fixed depending on the company. As many companies offer 24/7 customer support, requiring telecallers to work in shifts. Part-time and full-time positions are available, depending on the organization’s needs.
  10. Companies provide training to telecallers to familiarize them with products, services, call scripts and customer-handling techniques. To, enable Telecallers to adhere to company policies and ensure quality sales calls with customers.

Expected outcome of a telecaller

As a telecaller one is responsible to make engaging in conversations with customers by providing enough support about the product and persuading them and closing deals. Effective communication allows customers to gain trust in the brand adding brand value.

Squadstack – Telecaller job – work from home – online 2023

Squadstack is an outsourcing platform seamlessly managing outbound calling efforts with a robust tech stack, artificial intelligence, and on-demand telecallers. They serve clients all over the world, major clients being Delhivery, Upstox, Bajaj Finserv, and many more. The company has called for Telecallers. Once selected they offer training to the Telecallers and appoint them with various companies. By working one hour per day you can earn ₹3600/- . You can work more hours and earn more money. Check out Squadstack at

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