Foreign Culture on Fashion

Foreign Culture on Fashion

Consistency is an illusion.

“Embrace the change and you will be glad when you look back to have a glance” – This is the Fashion motto of today’s world,Otherwise the fashion may run the risk of becoming monotonously stale.

The fashion industry is rapidly growing and changing.

Aesthetic style associated with clothes and accessories at any given time, hold one concept in common – good,comfortable and confident on your looks! You are sure that you are conveying the right impression before the other person.Creating your own signature style will certainly help you in taking the first step towards your goal.People generally pick up fashion trends adopted by the celebrities,pop stars or sports person.

Development of digital communication technology and social media are the key factors to drive cultural globalization.When fashion is concerned, culture is an integral part of it.Clothes and accessories like bags,footwear,makeup etc. are symbolic indications of different social ideas, including social class,tradition and cultural identity.

Cultures and traditions have been exchanged and introduced globally across continents. From dishes, to languages, hair styles/patterns and more importantly foreign culture in fashion to redefine the idea of cultural identity.

Accepting the norms of western culture, its etiquettes and clothing sense have been rapidly followed by Indians(mainly youths).Indian fashion designers have combined the elements of rich traditional handlooms with chic western fashion to create a unique style of Indo-Western contemporary design.

The essence of foreign cultures have become a norm among Indians so rapidly and robustly.

The influence of the imbibed foreign culture cuts across all sectors of our society and economy, gives us a means to trade and interact with people of diverse cultures and thereby strike a common ground globally, opened doors to annual fashion shows with participants where we also showcase our wears and designs to the rest of the world, and most importantly helped us bring out our inner artistic vibe thereby branding ourselves as individuals without barriers.

Global capitalism in fashion is lowering the economic and cultural impediments to communication between countries all over the globe.Clothing trends have been adopted by large retailers across the globe, such as Zara and Primark.

With the emergence of globalization,brands like Chanel, Burberry,Pierre Cardin, Celine, Chloe, Dior are also seen in India.It’s also quite interesting to note that most of the current trendy-to-wear fashion items are mostly gotten from Europe, Asia, the Uk and the US.

Now-a-days,youths are so obsessed with the latest fashion trends,they spend a lot of money through multinational corporations offering brands which meet their ever changing needs.

The result of adopting consumption related values on a worldwide scale has been referred to as a ‘global consumer culture’.

Global trend is leading to an insatiable demand for fashion.We need to understand how fashion lovers interpret fashion these days and whether they are influenced more by their own culture or popular culture. Though in countries like India, local culture and tradition plays a bigger influence on consumerism but still common people are seen wearing clothes matching current global fashion. This shows the cultural diversities among the people in the country. Thus, understanding the culture is vital for global obsession for fashion.






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